VSoft Team Dashboard

A system for content presentation and management, applicable on various digital media, e.g. on smart TV, LCD monitors or portable computer screens. Depending on the client's needs, the system enables displaying simple text information, graphic files, various types of charts, KPIs, logos and banners.

What are the benefits of Team Dashboard

For what needs the Team Dashboard system responds

Tracking the progress of tasks performed by the team and assumed KPIs

Team Dashboard presents in real time the progress of work of each employee, effectively motivating the team to increase work efficiency.

Quick publication of content in the form of text messages, advertising, work performance indicators and charts from many data sources

Thanks to the easy configuration of dashboards by the dedicated package of widgets, Team Dashboard enables fast publication of many dashboards on many digital media.

Distributing information to many recipients dispersed in several locations

One command and content administration center enables fast and up-to-date communication to dispersed recipients in many locations.

The use of Team Dashboard

The use of VSoft Team Dashboard is recommended wherever there is a need to communicate and present the current and dynamically changing information. The system can be used in:
  • banks and financial institutions
  • debt collection companies
  • trading companies
  • logistics and warehouse management
  • and many other places

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