VSoft archITekt – a low-code platform

The archITekt platform helps develop IT systems easily and flexibly in just a few days in a single standard.

The simplicity of the low-code technology makes the tool suitable for use in any company where digitization of processes has a significant influence on its development regardless of the industry. It accelerates the work in development teams, as well as allows applications to be created not only by developers, but also by business people who are not familiar with the software language.

VSoft archITekt – platforma low-code

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Low-code otwiera nowe możliwości. Platforma VSoft archITekt
The platform opens up new possibilities for companies that want to engage business teams to a greater extent or those that don’t have enough programming capabilities

Low-code opens up new possibilities

Creating an IT solution requires the involvement of programmers, using multiple programming languages. An alternative to this process is to apply a low-code platform

With the help of a graphical and intuitive interface, VSoft archITekt users can develop their own applications. Thanks to this functionality, the system is created in response to the specific needs of the company.

Working on the platform does not require knowledge of programming languages, all activities are based on building logic, applying rules and visual techniques. The resulting projects respond more quickly to emerging needs in the organization, while saving time and reducing costs. The use of low-code technology increases the efficiency of system design teams, giving them great satisfaction.

What are the advantages of using the archITekt platform?

There are numerous advantages of using a low-code platform. From a business point of view, these are primarily the flexibility in introducing changes to the system being built or developed, the possibility of fast prototyping and implementation of ideas, thus shorter time to market and lower maintenance costs.

In practice, a key advantage over traditional software development methods is that there is no need to know programming languages and no necessity to write code, as well as the possibility of building information systems in a single standard. A project team can consist of so-called citizen developers, i.e. non-developers with basic IT knowledge. Citizen developers have at their disposal up-to-date documentation, a database of tutorials, and can also participate in workshops and training courses.

A significant feature of the product is a flexible business model that takes into account various types of licenses, including the possibility of testing the platform.

Jakie są przewagi platformy archITekt?
Shorter time of developing an application
Involvement of people from outside IT

Cost reduction

One working environment
Maintaining standards and compatibility
Comprehensiveness – from prototyping to applications in a production mode
Would you like to switch to a low-code approach, but don’t know how to start?

Functional modules to help create various types of applications

The construction of business rules is done with the help of a graphical designer that is convenient to use. Algorithms modelled in this way, are a separate part of the system, which affects the ease of modification.
Defining and managing processes involves combining successive operations in the form of a diagram. The module contains a wide range of universal process activities and gives the possibility of its expansion.
User interface
Designing the layout of the application under development includes customizing such GUI elements as forms, lists, application menus, as well as the associated data structures and dictionaries.
Data processing
Integration with other systems is possible through data exchange and packages for mass processing of information sets with a capacity of up to one million records per second.

Dictionaries, or unified data sets, provide a database of defined business and technical information that can be used in all other elements of the system.

Data structures
Automation of business processes requires the creation of data structures, which are the basis for the operation of predefined rules. An indisputable advantage is the possibility of their rapid modification.
Task schedules
The module allows the execution of tasks performed in response to events, as well as cyclic tasks scheduled in calendars, according to the specified logic and frequency.
The functionality enables versioning of changes made to the system’s business configuration, their documentation, as well as the transfer of configuration elements between various environments.
Document generation
The designed processes are complemented by document templates prepared in MS Word environment. The generation of files ready for printing or mailing is automatic.

The applications of VSoft archITekt

See in which processes the low-code platform will effectively support the development of your business.
Z VSoft archITekt można tworzyć zarówno proste aplikacje, jak i złożone systemy

Creating a prototype system

Would you like to see if your planned system project translates into practice? With VSoft archITekt it is possible! Thanks to the platform, business teams will be able to validate their ideas and ways to implement them.

The degree of complexity does not matter here. With VSoft archITekt you can develop both simple applications and complex systems. The built prototype provides a basis for working on the target solution, while demonstrating all possible errors. It is double saving –      shorter time and lower cost of the entire project.

One central low-code platform

Maintaining and developing several tools is costly and time-consuming, and their integration with each other is sometimes impossible. With a low-code platform, you will build a compatible system fully tailored to your company’s needs. VSoft archITekt will be great for building small processes, such as web forms, business rules or reports, as well as will easily feed the system with data. Low-code allows you to quickly create solutions that eliminate business problems. VSoft archITekt works perfectly in applications such as:

  • processing of large amounts of data and data migration,
  • integration of systems
  • creation of any forms,
  • building calculation algorithms and workflow,
  • creation of price lists, billing, accounting and commission systems,
  • creation of templates and mass generation of documents, document workflow,
  • digitization of production, logistics and business processes.

You can find a detailed description of VSoft archITekt applications on the product website.

Jedna centralna platforma low-code - VSoft archITekt

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Licensing packages

The archITekt platform can be deployed either in an on-premises model or as a cloud solution within the Azure Marketplace. Discover all available licensing packages and support options.

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