VSoft Connectors – communication with external information databases

VSoft connectors help to use external data in various business areas, e.g. credit assessment, anti-fraud analysis or debt collection processes.

There are endless applications of connectors. It all depends on the industry and the needs of the company.

VSoft Connectors - komunikacja z zewnętrznymi bazami informacyjnymi

Advantages of implementing connectors

VSoft Connectors is a tool that provides comprehensive integration with multiple information sources. This allows you to reduce costs and run your business more efficiently.

Connectors have the functionality to organise data in a uniform structure. This, in turn, makes it easy to create your own reports, using SQL.

The reports retrieved by the Connector are automatically stored in memory, meaning that each time a new query is sent, the tool checks whether it already has a current report. If such a report is already in memory, it is returned without having to repeat the query process, which significantly increases the efficiency of the tool and reduces costs.

Besides, it provides ready-made services for integration with other systems, which allows the automation of processes and even greater efficiency.

Additional advantages of implementing connectors:

  • the possibility of reporting via SQL queries ,
  • storing reports in cache memory,
  • full auditability,
  • the possibility of sending bulk queries – simultaneously to more entities,
  • a graphical user interface,
  • sending queries from the GUI.
VSoft Connectors to narzędzie, które zapewnia kompleksową integrację z wieloma źródłami informacji
Integration with external institutions
Storing full history
Handling multiple entities simultaneously
A graphical user interface

Cost saving

Would you like to have access to all primary sources of information in Poland?

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Credit Information Bureau Individual Client - BIK KI 3.7/BIK KI 4.0

The BIK KI Connector provides access to the customer assessment report, monitoring report and customer management report.

The data from the report can be used not only for risk assessment, but also in the process of generating offers (e.g. consolidation offers). In turn, additional data streamline the preparation of an offer, evaluation of the application during the process of monitoring, building a database of good customers or setting limits.

The BIK KI Connector provides full flexibility as to when and for which customer to download a credit report. As an official integrator of BIK S.A., we have access to the latest documentation provided by BIK and we also participate in workshop meetings on the new 4.0 system version.

Credit Information Bureau Business Owner - BIK P

The BIK P Connector provides access to the business owner’s assessment report, monitoring report and business-client management report.

The data from the report can be used not only for risk assessment, but also in the process of generating offers (e.g. consolidation offers). In turn, additional data may be needed at the stage of the offer, evaluation of the application, during the process of monitoring, building a good customer base or setting limits.

The Connector provides various types of reports for the corporate client: a credit report, a monitoring report, a client management report, together with supplementary reports such as a supplementary relationship report.

Antifraud Platform of the Credit Information Bureau Individual Client - BIK PAF KI

Connector for communicating and querying the Anti-Fraud Platform provided by BIK.

VSoft BIK PAF KI, allows you to detect frauds and malpractice at an early stage of a financial product application (e.g. loan, insurance, leasing), and also extends the scope of rules and algorithms in the assessment process. Thanks to the cache functionality and initial query quality verification, it improves the efficiency of processes and reduces costs.

Access to the BIK PAF Antifraud Platform enables efficient and reliable verification of a potential customer by applying local or national anti fraud rules.

National Debt Register Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA - BIG KRD

National Debt Register Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A. is another key source of data on debtors and prompt payers.

The VSoft BIG KRD Connector enables communication and connection of external systems with the KRD system. It allows for the integration in the field of downloading financial reports about your clients and business partners (for an individual or a company).

Economic Information Bureau ERIF

ERIF Economic Information Bureau accepts, stores and discloses data on debtors and prompt payers.

It has data on liabilities from, inter alia, the primary and secondary telecommunications market, multimedia, banking, financial and budget sectors. Information on debtors added to the database by companies from the KRUK Group, unavailable in other economic information bureaus, is of unique value. The Connector enables integration in the field of downloading financial reports about your clients and business partners (for an individual or a company).

BIG InfoMonitor

The BIG IM Connector (BIG InfoMonitor) is a solution that allows the BIG InfoMonitor query functionality to be added to any system.

The module stores both sent queries and returned responses in the database. In addition to remembering feedback reports in the original form, the functionality also remembers responses with structured data.

Reports from BIG IM contain information on both paid and delayed liabilities.

Proprietary documents - MIG DZ

The VSoft Proprietary Documents Connector enables integration with MIG DZ and protects against one of the most common types of fraud.

Information that an identity document has been found in the database of restricted documents alerts you to a possible attempt at extortion. Integration with the system can be made at any stage of the credit process: during the registration of the application, the assessment, signing the contract or the release of funds.

Bankowy Rejestr

The Bank Register Connector enables integration with the MIG-BR system.

The information obtained from the Bank Register may be used at any stage of the application assessment or during the generation of limits and pre-approved offers.

The Connector connects to the database that stores data on over 2.2 million customers who fail to meet their obligations. Access to the Connector allows for efficient and qualitative verification of the customer portfolio.


The VSoft InfoVeriti Connector presents information from the InfoVeriti business intelligence agency in a transparent manner.

Thanks to free access to downloaded historical reports, the Connector allows to correctly assess the risk of the applicant’s bankruptcy and reduces costs.

Integration with Vsoft Info provides insight into data on the selected entity in the field of: the subject of the company’s activity according to PKD and its financial result compared to the industry, financial statements, payment arrears, the number of entries on liquidation and bankruptcy and many more.


The TERYT module streamlines the management of address data.

When registering an address, it is enough to complete the zip code, and the remaining data – voivodeship, poviat and municipality – will be completed or narrowed down to the list of towns and streets.

The platform can validate whether the address data retrieved from another system are correct and consistent (for example, whether the zip code is correct for a given city and street).

Additionally, the built-in database of distances between postal codes allows you to establish rules for selecting branch service or to create anti-fraud rules.

Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy - MSiG

Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy (MSiG) is a nationwide official journal – announcements and so-called monitors are published there on a daily basis.

The MSiG includes announcements regarding changes to the National Court Register, shareholders’ meetings, publication of financial statements, commencement of bankruptcy proceedings and other information required by the Code of Commercial Companies, the Code of Civil Procedure, the Act on the National Court Register and other acts.

The VSoft MSIG Connector provides access to announcements published by Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy. Moreover, it separates and analyses the announcements, assigning them to specific persons and entities.


The VSoft COIG Connector enables access to information on individual bankruptcies and business failures.

Only on the basis of the customer’s identifier (NIP, REGON, PESEL or KRS), the Connector checks with the Central Economic Information Centre whether a given entity is included in its resources. With the Connector, you can get information about the date until which the activity was conducted, address data and the court reference number of the case.


The Kontomatik Connector is a tool by which customer account information can be retrieved from any bank or institution, in compliance with the provisions of the PSD2 directive.

The solution applies to individual customers who own or co-own the account. The data obtained from Kontomatik allow for the automation and faster service of credit and loan processes, also in terms of determining the maximum amount available on the basis of receipts on various customer accounts in different financial institutions.

The analysis of actual transactions performed on the indicated client’s accounts facilitates the verification of the client’s financial condition. This streamlines decision-making.

Komornik Online (Online Bailiff)

The VSoft Komornik Online Connector enables communication between Bailiffs’ Offices and participants in enforcement proceedings via the REST API of the Komornik Online system.

The Connector acts on behalf of the participants in the Komornik Online service, which can be both the employees of the law firm (bailiffs, assessors, field workers), as well as debtors, creditors, plenipotentiaries and law firms to which the bailiff’s office makes this possibility available.

Information Portal for Common Courts

The VSoft Court Portal Connector is a solution dedicated to automatically handle the communication of the systems running court cases with the Information Portal for Common Courts.

Its purpose is to provide integration of the system running court cases with the portal using an external API. The application is designed for any entity that can use the information of the Information Portal for Common Courts, in particular: law firms, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies and debt collection agencies.


The VSoft e-Court Collection is a solution dedicated to the automatic handling of communication with the e-Court in terms of Electronic writ of payment proceedings (EPU).

The solution makes it possible to load lawsuits, send packets of lawsuits, monitor court proceedings, send pleadings, load bailiff applications and send them, as well as view case files from the e-Court.

Furthermore, it ensures the downloading of the history of actions performed on a case, as well as full integration with other data provided by the e-Court (e.g. the database of bailiffs’ offices).

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