VSoft Credit – a central system for banks and financial institutions to handle sales processes

VSoft Credit automates the credit process at every stage of the sales process. Our solution provides a comprehensive service for all customer segments, both in the credit part as well as in the accounting and deposit part.
VSoft Credit – centralny system dla banków i instytucji finansowych do obsługi procesów sprzedażowych
Why is it worth implementing a credit system?


more credit applications handled per day


less time to handle a single disposition


integration with external data sources


A central site compiled in a 360° view
Entering into strategic partnerships with leaders in a specific field is particularly vital in the context of fast delivery of modern banking products

Optimization of banking processes is the key to business success

Digitization of credit processes, provision of online accessibility, robotization and effective integration with the financial environment are visible trends in the credit and loan field.
IT providers, thanks to their ongoing collaboration with the financial sector, are able to react quickly to changing factors (both internal and external) and adapt solutions to the sector’s requirements.

Advantages of implementing VSoft Credit

By implementing VSoft Credit you will automate the entire credit process. Our software supports the sale of banking products along with credit risk assessment, generation and storage of documentation such as applications and contracts, release of funds and the whole post-sales service.

The primary benefit of implementing the system is an increase in sales of credit products while reducing the time required to process applications. With a faster process, the bank’s employees can focus on customer relations rather than operational or after-sales activities. Digitizing processes also reduces personnel costs.

The advantage of possessing the system is also acquiring a more accurate assessment of the customer and the transaction. Thanks to data from external systems, or, for instance, the possibility of implementing various credit risk assessment methodologies, the company has insight into the data and can monitor them within a single system.

Additional advantages of implementing the solution include:

  • faster credit granting,
  • reduction in target reserves and operational risks,
  • shorter time of preparing the initial credit decision,
  • increased quality of the credit portfolio,
  • increased adequacy of credit risk assessment methods to given customer groups,
  • elimination of the “paper” circulation of the credit file,
  • automated use of information extracted from external interfaces,
  • handling of multiple products within a single application,
  • handling of activities related to the application, i.e., accounts, cards, electronic banking, etc.
Wdrażając VSoft Credit, zautomatyzujesz cały proces kredytowy
Faster customer service

Increase in the sales of credit products

Reduction in the costs of maintaining multiple systems

Monitoring and improvement of the quality of processes

Continuous development and security

We have created VSoft Credit on the basis of our experience in the field of credit processes.

We know what measures will work for your company!

Support at all stages of credit processing

See an example of customer verification in the credit process
Calculation, offer and application
The system has ready-made processes to prepare calculations for an individual customer. All you need to do is ask the customer a few questions and obtain the required approvals, then the system will pre-determine creditworthiness, pre-scoring and adjust the loan parameters according to these indicators. The data may also come from other sources, such as a central system, a frontend or the website where the customer filled in the data for the application.
Assessment and decision
With its built-in decision engine, VSoft Credit allows you to make automatic credit decisions. The conditions from the decision are automatically transferred to the documents for signing the contract and releasing the funds. Data for the assessment and decision module can come from the system’s registration module or from another source.
Agreement and launch
We prepare the product agreement according to the designed document template, depending on the parameters that the system or advisor will select and tailor to the requirements of the client and the application. The agreement can be made available through branch and electronic channels. The release of funds is done fully automatically or through system roles.
We provide reports in the form of, for instance, data issued for BI tools in the form of production views, downloadable reports from the level of forms or graphical presentations of CRM data on the screen for employees. We also support the entire data analytics and preparation of reports for inspections or audits.
Supporting processes
All post-sales activities ordered by the customer and those carried out between structures at the customer’s site can have document templates sewn in to generate, as well as share data with, for example, robots in the organization and control them.
Administration and configuration
Process administration can take place within the organization. We provide advanced tools for process design, data processing, creation of document templates and validation rules in models, without the need to issue another version of the system.

The application of VSoft Credit

See how our solution supports banks in efficiently handling credit processes.
Platforma VSoft Credit to idealne rozwiązanie do obsługi procesów kredytowych przez placówki bankowe


The VSoft Credit platform is a perfect solution for handling credit processes by bank facilities (branches, business centers, virtual branches, service points, agencies).

It has a built-in 360° view of the customer, so the sales employee has comprehensive information about the customer, such as: their products, balances, prepared offers, history of cooperation with the institution and profitability.

Thanks to a powerful process engine, the list of cases to be handled is presented in a clear formula. The view shows:

  • necessary data about the executed process,
  • currently assigned processes,
  • case categories,
  • SLA alerts about upcoming activity deadlines.

Handling sales opportunities and mobile banking

The solution also features the process of credit e-application, during which the customer completes a set of information required to assess creditworthiness and reliability and attaches the necessary documents.

VSoft Credit will seamlessly integrate with your online banking system. This makes it possible to handle a credit application or apply for products based on predetermined credit limits.

Obsługa szans sprzedażowych i bankowość mobilna - VSoft Credit

Additional materials

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