Support in achieving goals of financial institutions and banks

Are you looking for a way to:
  • increase your sales while reducing costs?
  • replace multiple systems with a central one?
  • create processes and manage the changes on your own?
VSoft Credit will help to:
  • shorten the TTY (decision time), TTA (contract time), and TTC (start time),
  • transfer the workload from employees to the system (robotization, connectors),
  • standardize and monitor processes,
  • manage products, offers and document templates,
  • share data with external parties or combine our solutions into a product group, e.g. VSoft Credit (central process system) + VSoft Loan (frontend for external clients) + VSoft Collection (debt collection).

Process automation

VSoft Credit is a solution that enables the sales process of financial products, including credit products, from various perspectives. Thanks to its modular structure, it is possible to freely combine the components responsible for handling processes.

Support, at every stage, of the sales process for both individual clients and companies. From pre-approved offers to sales controlling and monitoring. The system supports the generation of sales documentation and is based on the checklist product model and price conditions.
Accounting and deposit
Our solution is based on a workflow in which we record customer data, and verify their correctness and truthfulness, using, for example, our connectors; generate documentation for the process and, after integration with the transaction system, we automatically create customer and product files. We present the entire solution in a transparent 360 employee view.
Extensive support for scoring and rating models. The system is a central place where the customer and transaction assessment is carried out in a way matching the specificity of the transaction and the requested product. We provide the evaluation support thanks to the use of our ready-made solutions in the form of connectors for BIK KI/P, BIK PAF, Kontomatik and many others. We provide support for many process paths, competence levels and roles depending on the type of client, or the methodology adopted. Integration with the central system will allow us to automatically download and transfer data to automatically control the flow between activities and stages of the process online. Our solution also supports online credit processes.
Our product has a number of solutions that relate to the handling of processes concerning, for example, automatic monitoring, light and full monitoring, including the EWS process, annexing contracts, credit opinions and issuing certificates, handling internal activities, e.g. the circulation of vacation applications, business delegation settlements, etc. The system’s parameters can be customized with the help of built-in mechanisms.

Support at all stages of loan servicing

Our solution provides a comprehensive assessment of future and current customer relationships. We present an example customer verification path in the credit process.

Data may come from external systems or from defined mechanisms embedded in VSoft Credit (e.g. CRM actions, pre-approved), and also as a result of data registration by employees (e.g. Call Center/advisors). Offer calculations can be simple or complex, with registration of customer data, consents and declarations, verification in databases and printouts. We fully support all promotional conditions (e.g. for eco-friendly products) and the timeliness of these conditions. A risk/collateral assessment as part of the offering process may trigger a loan application. Submitting the application has several levels and is included in the methodology of counting all process steps in order to gain knowledge of what and how is implemented and what we can optimize in the subsequent stages of the credit process. We provide a mechanism for loading data from the accounting system and previous applications so that the registration of data by an employee/client is as simple as possible. Multiple products can be processed within one application.
Automatic, multi-level, enriched with sales assessment (price/product deviations) or the IZOR path. We ensure that verification is included in the initial stages of the application processing so that only those promising for further activities remain in the flow. The anti-fraud control is carried out through embedded/developed rules and data from external systems, e.g. through our connector to BIK PAF. Credit recommendation and, ultimately, credit decision on the basis of embedded methodologies and e.g. scoring cards activated at the stages/locations agreed with the client, along with the rejection criteria, scoring and process path. Registration of covenants and their further monitoring.
We always propose to integrate the security module with the product model and provide data from the security module in calculations for CRM actions. We assume  the assessment of legal safeguards implemented as assumptions in the algorithm or as a step in the process with the assessment of the Legal Counsel.
We prepare the product agreement in accordance with the designed document template depending on the parameters that the system or the Advisor will choose and adjust to the client's requirements and the application. The contract may be made available through branch or electronic channels. It can have a QR code, barcode and be treated as a self-deposit to the electronic repository. The very creation of the product and its acceptance can be fully automatic or through system roles. The disbursement of funds (also in tranches) is carried out in accordance with the conditions specified in the decision> contract and we control the conditions and their fulfilment before each disbursement. Funds can be released automatically or through system roles.
We provide reports the form of data issued for the needs of BI tools in the form of production views, reports to be downloaded from the level of forms or graphical presentations of CRM data on the screen for employees. We also support all data analytics and preparation of reports for the purposes of inspections or audits.
We treat it as all after-sales activities that are ordered by the client and those that are carried out between structures at the client's premises, e.g. vacation requests, postings, etc. Supporting processes may have embedded document templates to generate, share data for robots in the organization and control them.
VSoft Credit is a tool fully prepared for the administration of processes and their conditions by the organization’s internal operators. We provide advanced VSoft ArchITekt class tools for designing processes, data processing, creating document templates and validation rules in models - algorithm module and GUI forms for independent modification of parameters/business rules in real time - without the need to issue another version of the system.

What gives VSoft Credit

Wsparcie obsługi dowolnych produktów kredytowych dla wszystkich segmentów klientów oraz automatyzacja procesu kredytowego na wszystkich etapach sprzedaży

reduction of specific provisions and operational risk

shortening the preparation time of the initial credit decision

increasing the quality of the credit portfolio

increasing the adequacy of credit risk assessment methods to given customer groups

elimination of the "paper" credit file circulation

automation of the use of information downloaded from external interfaces


  • Financial institutions
  • Financial agencies
  • Financial brokers

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