VSoft Credit

VSoft Credit is a sales support system for banking products with credit risk assessment. The system enables the automation of the credit process at all stages of sales and service of any credit products for all segments of the bank's clients. The system supports offering, risk assessment, credit decisions, monitoring and annexing active credit agreements.

How VSoft Credit supports the sale of credit products

Built-in 360° view for the advisor, thanks to which the employee has comprehensive information about all clients, tasks, offers and the work calendar.

A ready-made module for managing and accounting in a multi-level agency network. You decide how you want to settle sales and what products and under what conditions can be offered through an external sales network.

Ready-made API allowing integration with online stores to sell installment loan.

Lead (sales opportunities) handling module. On the basis of information downloaded live from the SALESmanago system and intra-banking information, you can dynamically manage the work of your contact center so that you can call back to a potential customer before leaving your website.

Thanks to the built-in decision-making engine, VSoft Credit allows you to make automatic credit decisions. The covenant module allows you to register contract conditions, launch funds or monitor them throughout the duration of the contract.

Automatic registration of a credit agreement in the central system, generating of printouts and service of limits and framework contracts.

Customer risk and transaction monitoring. The automatic monitoring of covenants guarantees that the terms of credit agreement will always be met.

A set of ready-made processes allowing to prepare a calculation for a retail client or SME segment (pre-rating/pre-scoring, pre-approval limits, etc.)

Ready-made processes of registration of credit application for the retail, SME and corporate segments.

One central place for implementation of all scoring, rating, creditworthiness and other decision models allowing you to make the right decision.

Annexing credit agreements in simplified and full mode as well as renewal service.

Reports measuring the efficiency of process handling by the system.

BIK, KRD, ERIF, InfoMonitor, AMRON, PONT Info, KRS, REGON, land and mortgage registers... VSoft Credit can be integrated with the systems in your organization and external sources of information.

What gives VSoft Credit

reduction of specific provisions and operational risk

shortening the preparation time of the initial credit decision

increasing the quality of the credit portfolio

increasing the adequacy of credit risk assessment methods to given customer groups

elimination of the "paper" credit file circulation

automation of the use of information downloaded from external interfaces


  • Financial institutions
  • Financial agencies
  • Financial brokers