VSoft Document Services

VSoft Document Services is a solution that allows you to define templates for documents, letters and emails sent to clients. The template is a document created in MS Word application, supplemented by the designer with special markers, in place of which the data from the system are ultimately inserted.

Key features

Possibility to use all MS Word functions in the document template and insert charts with MS Excel.

Inserting tags into the document template that will be supplemented with data downloaded from the system.

The option of inserting multiple data: filling in data tables, filling in lists in a document.

The use of printouts as one of the activities in a defined business process.

The ability to generate documents for many systems by providing them with a network service.

No need to install office tools in the production server environment and reduction in size of generated documents, thanks to the Open XML format (.docx files).

See what you will gain by using our solution

Standardization of the documentation layout
Standardization of the generation and appearance of specific types of documents in the organization.
An intuitive way of designing
Creating document templates in the MS Word environment available to users without specialized knowledge.
Support for the letter service
Automatic, pre-filling the letter templates with data downloaded directly from the system. This releases the user from the need to manually, tediously fill in fragments of letters containing personal data, address data, etc.


A system that has the function of sending notifications in the form of e-mails.

A system that generates documents (e.g. credit applications, insurance contracts) according to a specific pattern

Additional information about the solution

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