VSoft Insurance Platform

Platform dedicated to insurance agencies, brokers and companies that supports the entire sales process, starting from the initial calculation for the customer, selection of products, comparison of conditions and variants of offers, through sales and payment service, to settlements, e.g. internal - with sales network or external - with sales agencies/insurance companies. The system also supports processes related to after-sales service (annexes, renewals of policies) and supports damage case services.

How it works

You are a customer
You can buy insurance in a vending machine at your gas station or supermarket. Both in the web and mobile application, you can calculate the policy, compare the terms in various insurance companies, and through the customer portal you can have constant access to your insurance, report damages and make payments.

You are a business administrator or agency manager
You have access to 2 system modules: VIP CORE consisting of a product engine, database and mass operations engine that support calculations and policies in individual Insurance Companies and VIP BACKEND which you use to administer the entire system.

• Define products and GUI.
• You manage users, print pools, mobile applications and vending machines.
• You administer a database of contractors, items and documents.
• Data extract.

You are an agent
Conveniently, in one place, you calculate offers, compare insurance versions of different insurers, manage customer relationships in the CRM module, view every customer in a comprehensive 360 ° view, price vehicles, annex, resume and terminate policies, handle damages and generate every report you need . What's more, at your disposal you have VSoft Smart, a mobile application that uses the capabilities of a smartphone/tablet in web applications, and for example with one click you read information from the AZTEC code of the registration certificate.

Who is VSoft Insurance Platform for?

Insurance companies

Insurance agencies and multi-agencies

Insurance and reinsurance brokers

Working with VSoft Insurance Platform is:

Improving the efficiency of operations
Thanks to the automatic customer service in a 24/7 system. When using the offer comparison site, the agent only enters data for the calculation of the premium for different insurance companies once. The VIP application allows simultaneous service of many clients in branches by providing several different sales channels. Employees use one system and do not have to switch between applications.
Improving the quality of service
The automation of the policy purchase and the efficient creation of documentation make the time of customer service shorter. Thanks to the access to products of several insurance companies, the agent has the ability to tailor the product to specific customer needs. Automation of production and commission settlement minimizes the likelihood of mistakes in mutual billing.
Lowering the costs of the multiagency operation
VIP allows you to reduce human resources necessary for direct customer service. The full configuration of product definitions using MS Excel allows their implementation without the participation of the supplier, which shortens the time-to-market and provides the possibility of quick response to market changes. Thanks to this, the costs associated with maintaining the system are reduced.
Automation of service processes and ecology
The solution automates the selling of insurance products along with the archiving of the electronic version of documentation produced during customer service. It also provides constant access to legally required insurance documents and the possibility of their quick update, e.g. general insurance conditions - without the need to distribute paper versions of documents to agents. Automation of production accounting using electronic policy documents allows to minimize paper consumption.
Increase control over the sales network
VIP allows you to increase control over the course of sales in various channels. It allows you to track the cash flow process and make production and commission settlements in the system.
An innovative image
The use of a modern IT tool has a positive impact on the company's image as innovative and growing, and the use of the mobile sales channel and vending machines puts the company on the position of a leader in innovative solutions in the insurance sector.