VSoft Insurance Platform

Platform dedicated to insurance agencies, brokers and companies that supports the entire sales process, starting from the initial calculation for the customer, selection of products, comparison of conditions and variants of offers, through sales and payment service, to settlements, e.g. internal - with sales network or external - with sales agencies/insurance companies. The system also supports processes related to after-sales service (annexes, renewals of policies) and supports damage case services.

Who is VSoft Insurance Platform for?

Insurance companies

Insurance agencies and multi-agencies

Insurance and reinsurance brokers

Why Should You Choose VSoft Insurance Platform?

VIP is a flexible and configurable system that allows business users to make changes to the system. As a result, your company will react even faster to market changes and customer needs.

It is very important to minimize the risks associated with the implementation of a new system and its maintenance. You will receive packages of post-implementation and maintenance services for your company, which guarantee fast and efficient operation in the event of unforeseen situations.

Many systems, applications and services that make up a harmonious body, translate into a lot of business opportunities. VIP is a system that, through extensive integration possibilities, provides full support in managing the insurance portfolio in your company.

Customer Experience is not only a fast and trouble-free customer service. It also means efficient delivery of modern products that meet the expectations of customers. The solution comprehensively supports the sales process - from the products creation, through the processes of interaction with the customer, to payment and billing.

The visual attractiveness of the application means higher user productivity and satisfaction with the work performed in the system. Transparency of processes and efficient access to data also reduce training costs.

SaaS or implementation within your own infrastructure? We are happy to recommend the best solution for your company. Our systems allow you to choose from many implementation variants.

At each stage of the System implementation, we take care of preparation of a safe solution both from the functional and technical side. By applying the best practices in software development, using proven commercial system components, as well as tested and reusable VSoft components, we provide safe and stable solutions.

Do you want to enrich the functional scope of the software or adapt it to your business expectations? We are ready to provide software development services for your company in a way that ensures the continuity of the System.

Support for the full life cycle of VIP insurance products:

Product engine

  • Efficient modeling of insurance tariffs in graphic modelers.
  • Managing document templates in MS Word.
  • Always up-to-date products directly from insurers via WebSerwis.
  • Convenient commission net configuration.
  • Intuitive and comprehensive configuration of products in dedicated tools.


  • Comprehensive, clear view of all customer information - fast and efficient customer service.
  • Automatic download of customer data from the CSO website.
  • Entering vehicle data by scanning the Aztec code from the registration certificate.
  • High level of information security thanks to a number of functions that meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Sales process

  • Efficient customer service - offering various product lines during one meeting.
  • Efficient calculation and instant modification of the offer - effective sales.
  • Updating and modification of the offer in real time and immediate recalculation of the premium.
  • Service of vehicle catalogs and EutoTax and Info-Ekspert valuations.
  • Matching the offer to the client - discounts, promotions, dedicated scope of insurance, support for the Individual Risk Assessment path.
  • Automation of sales reporting to the insurer.

Sales and presales

  • Automated preparation of renewal offers.
  • Quick access to information thanks to the full file of policies and annexes.
  • Annexing processes with the use of WebServices.
  • Extensive withdrawal support, calculation of premium returns and commissions.
  • Generated various after-sales documents based on document templates.
  • Full and clear information about financial changes in the policy - installments, annexes, returns, etc.


  • Save time thanks to the convenient automated commission settlement process.
  • Ergonomic view to verify and reconcile discrepancies.
  • Automatic settlement of the sales network based on the configuration of the commission network.
  • Import of insurers' billing files in various formats.
  • Settlements generated by the System for policies concluded offline.
  • Managing a commission network for the entire sales network.

Reports and analytics

  • The ability to create your own reports and dashboards using MS Excel and Power BI.
  • A set of predefined reports to improve the work of managers.
  • Full control over the company's operations thanks to extensive and clear reports.

Administration and configuration

  • Security thanks to full control over permissions, accesses and data visibility.
  • Support for the implementation of the requirements set by the GDPR.
  • Configuration of key system elements such as products, tariffs, sales network, commission grids, document templates, marketing consents and many more.

Mobile application

  • Documentation scanning - electronic archiving.
  • Aztec Code Scanning - Fast vehicle data entry.
  • Effective finding of documents and data in the system.

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