VSoft Rating

VSoft Rating is a platform for comprehensive risk assessment and risk management of both entities and transactions with the use of rating models.

The solution can be used in various business areas. The assessment of the entity done in the platform may be for example, customer credit risk assessment, credibility assessment of commercial contractors or customer financing risk assessment in the areas of leasing, factoring, debt management, etc.

VSoft Rating platform can be implemented as a central place of risk assessment in a given organization, as well as in the way of the full integration with product systems. The platform can be an extension of the VSoft Credit solution dedicated to handling credit processes and can be used as an engine for the rating of entities and credit transactions.

The most important benefits of implementing the VSoft Rating:

Kompleksowy syVSoft Rating to platforma służąca do kompleksowej oceny i zarządzania ryzykiem podmiotów oraz transakcji z wykorzystaniem modeli ratingowych.stem do pożyczek - pełen proces sprzedaży i obsługi pożyczki
Central risk assessment database
thanks to the implementation of a central entity file in the system, along with all related rating processes (the so-called 360-degree view).
Standardization and improvement of the quality of risk assessment processes
by ensuring the adequacy of credit risk assessment methods for given groups of entities and the selection of the optimal risk assessment model depending on the client's segment, legal form of the business or type of the assessed transaction.
Detailed entity and transaction risk assessment
thanks to data from external and internal systems, the possibility of implementing various risk assessment models/methodologies, a dedicated collateral assessment model and the ability to monitor and control the rating granted in one system.
Comprehensive risk management
thanks to the processes of monitoring assigned ratings, both in the manual and automatic option in the early warning module.
Support in the optimization of risk assessment models
thanks to the mechanisms of mass conversion of rating models into data stored in the system (simulations, calibrations, verification of model effectiveness).
Support in the field of independent development of rating models and report templates
thanks to built-in versioning mechanisms and the ability to simultaneously support multiple rating models and report templates.

VSoft Rating offers ready-made business processes templates such as:

Registration and quotation of collateral and additional data on the subject/transaction.

Registration of the entity (legal person) with legal and organizational connections.

Monitoring of the assigned rating of the entity and transactions.

Performing additional assessments of the transaction (e.g., the assessment of secured and unsecured transactions).

Take other decisions related to the rating (suspension, recall, maintenance).

Transaction rating including financial / ratio analysis, sensitivity analysis, collateral evaluation

The rating of the entity, including in particular financial analysis, ratio analysis, quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

Performing additional assessments of the entity resulting from its specificity (e.g. assessment of capital groups based on individual and consolidated reports, assessment of the industry in which the entity operates).

Decision-making on the ratings granted, taking into account the multi-tier organizational structure and competence levels.

The system supports servicing of the entities that keep full financial reporting in line with the Polish accounting standard (PAS) and the international accounting standard (IAS).

The solution has full integration with key connectors provided by VSoft and supports full automation of the assessment process in the areas of:

  • Creating files of entities - registration data downloaded automatically from the REGON database (Polish Central Statistical Office)
  • Reading financial statements - financial data downloaded automatically from Economic Intelligence
  • Downloading additional registration data - data from Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy, National Court Registry
  • Downloading information on the bankruptcy of the entity - data from the Central Economic Information Center
  • Downloading credit reports of entrepreneurs and natural persons - reports from Bureau of Economic Information InfoMonitor, Credit Bureau
  • Loading industry data - PONT-INFO data
  • Loading of additional external information – Polish Central Bank exchange rates, WSE stock quotes, JPK VAT files

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