VSoft Collection

A system for effective service of the debt collection process, from amicable and monitoring activities, through conciliatory actions, outsourcing, to judicial and enforcement recovery and sale of receivables.
The solution provides automation and massiveness of debt collection activities as well as a uniform look at the debt collection case and the debtor. The system is prepared to run standard debt collection processes and has large possibilities of parameterization and adjustment to the needs of the buyer (decision-making engine, prediction models, configurable strategies and debt collection actions, champion-challenger strategies).   It integrates with call center, SMS, mass printers, electronic promise of repayment, e-court, and debtors' registers.

What are the benefits of VSoft Collection

Increased efficiency and effectiveness indicators of the process > 15%

Significant increase in the recovery rate > 10 percentage points

Reduction of operating costs due to process automation by approx. 20%

Quick response to changes in the legal and market environment

Flexible application of the champion-challenger strategy in the selection of the most beneficial solutions

What VSoft Collection offers

Using an advanced mechanism of segmentation of clients and cases based on prediction models and neural networks

Allows building models that determine the probability of debt repayment and the expected recovery rate

Monitoring the timeliness of repayments, settlements, restructuring

Enables support for traditional litigation and enforcement actions

Automates the processes of preparing and sending electronic documents, as well as monitoring the progress of the case

Allows for cooperation with external entities and outsourcing of selected activities

Defining test strategies to increase the effectiveness of debt collection activities

Enables debtors to independently declare repayment of overdue debt using electronic banking and telephone

Allows to manage the sale of items (e.g. post-leasing) on online auctions and advertising portals

VSoft Collection allows you to effectively service overdue receivables.

Application of VSoft Collection

(banks, debt collection companies, insurance companies, leasing companies)

(telecommunications operators, fuel companies, large enterprises)

VSoft Collection is a product included in the innovative integrated platform for the financial area – VSoft Financial Platform.