VSoft Collection – a system for handling receivables

A system for the efficient handling of the debt collection process, from monitoring, through settlement activities, outsourcing, to court collection, enforcement and sales of receivables.
VSoft Collection – system do obsługi wierzytelności
Why is it worth implementing a debt collection system?
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increase in recovery rate
increase in efficiency indicators
lower operating costs

Advantages of VSoft Collection

VSoft Collection reduces the cost of the collection process by automating processes and accelerating the provision of information on the quality of the receivables portfolio.

The system offers a variety of functionalities that help in the efficient and effective recovery of receivables, making the management of the collection process much simpler. Besides, all repetitive activities dedicated to conducting amicable activities, like sending letters and communications to customers, can be automated, making the recovery stage much faster and easier.

VSoft Collection provides monitoring of receivables and sharing the up-to-date status of the case as of the current date, reminding of the expiration of due dates and thus increasing the efficiency of recovering the overdue payments.

It is worth mentioning that the debt collection system can easily be integrated with other data sources, such as customer systems or payment systems.

Additional functionalities of the solution include:

  • the possibility of integrating with call centers, SMS, mass printers, the promise of electronic payment promise, e-Court and registers of debtors,
  • compliance with legal requirements and greater security of customer data,
  • the possibility of automatically generating reports that help analyze data and draw conclusions, which allows to manage debt collection processes more effectively.
Korzyści z wdrożenia VSoft Collection

Reduction of customer service costs

Configurability and multi-threaded conduct of process activities

Increase in the volume of handled cases

Effective process control

Gain control of your receivables! Use a reliable system to handle debt collection

Effective debt collection with innovative technology

See what VSoft Collection system offers:
Defining a strategy
Using a sophisticated customer and case segmentation mechanism, it allows automatic modelling of collection activities, depending on the business needs in soft debt collection.
Repayment schedule
It allows to spread the outstanding amount into several installments with the possibility of declaring a specific payment date for each of them, or to arrange an installment plan.
Amicable debt collection
Enforcement of debts through conducting activities by the creditor without the participation of the state authority (text messages, letters, telephone contact, field collection).
Court and enforcement proceedings

Support for traditional court and bailiff proceedings.

Integration with e-Court
It automates the processes of preparing and sending electronic documents, as well as monitoring case progress.
Outsourcing and sales of receivables
It enables cooperation with external entities and outsourcing of selected activities.
Definition of testing strategies to improve the effectiveness of collection operations.
Field debt collection
Integration with the VSoft Mobile Workforce application for handling orders by field workers, which allows efficient execution of the field debt recovery.
It supports users’ activities, enabling efficient collection proceedings (collection actions, tasks, alerts, email notifications, case history, repository of documentation).

The application of VSoft Collection

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VSoft Collection to produkt stworzony do zarządzania procesami windykacyjnymi w firmach windykacyjnych

Debt collection agencies

VSoft Collection is a product designed to manage recovery processes in debt collection agencies. It streamlines and automates processes such as:

  • contact with debtors,
  • monitoring the progress of collection,
  • reporting.

As a result, debt collection agencies can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, which may lead to increased revenues and improved profitability.

The system allows easy management of debtors’ data, which enables a better understanding of their financial situation and facilitates decisions on further debt collection activities.


The product is ready for implementation in banking institutions. VSoft Collection enables information on customers who do not pay their liabilities to be stored in one central place and monitors their activities.

The system will automate repetitive activities, such as sending notifications of outstanding liabilities, thus increasing the efficiency of operations and reducing completion time.

Moreover, VSoft Collection provides banking institutions with access to detailed reports and indicators on debt collection processes. With this functionality, the efficiency of the team can be monitored and analyzed on an ongoing basis.

VSoft Collection jest gotowy do wdrożenia w instytucjach bankowych

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