How can technology support enforcement processes? Advantages of using VSoft KO Connector

Technology helps streamline and automate a lot of the tasks that, until recently, were performed manually by employees, increasing the efficiency of the organisation and reducing the amount of repetitive work. Technology may also support enforcement processes, considered to be lengthy and tedious, by reducing the amount of manual work and allowing staff to fully focus on ensuring that these processes are highly efficient.

Technological trends in debt collection

Change is a hallmark of our times. Although it might seem that we are accustomed to dynamically changing conditions and have the ability to adapt quickly, modern realities force organisations to be even more flexible. This trend is particularly evident in the debt collection industry, which is evolving strongly, making the technological perspective in this sector increasingly interesting. Automating debt collection processes nowadays is the order of the day, which translates into the quality of customer service and its improvement. Automation and robotisation, communication, digitization of courts, AI, scoring or data analytics ensure not only faster decision-making, but also the selection of an individual strategy tailored to a particular client.

Compiling electronic documents with VSoft Mobile Workforce

Is it a good idea to compile business and significant information in mobile apps? How are they secured? How to properly compile documents while working in the field? The VSoft Mobile Workforce application provides answers to these questions and shows how to complete documents in a secure yet convenient way.

The influence of technology on the quality of customer service in field debt collection

Nowadays, specialised IT systems prove to be an invaluable aid in almost every industry. It is no different when it comes to carrying out the duties of a field debt collector. Debt collection companies frequently face the question of how to streamline the management processes in their company. At the same time, they are looking for solutions that will not generate huge costs but will effectively improve the quality of work. In this article, we outline the responsibilities of a debt collector, as well as the benefits of choosing to use our application at work.

Sales of insurance as well as motor and property products by leasing companies

Leasing companies are increasingly offering insurance products. In order to keep up with the growing demands of customers, insurance departments, including those at leasing companies, are seeking new and innovative solutions aimed at facilitating service and working with clients. It is worth noting here that an attractively priced and timely offer is only part of the process. Leaseholders, when looking for the right terms for themselves, often expect an equally comprehensive, fast and hassle-free service once the contract has been concluded. This poses a challenge for the company to ensure that, at every stage of contract processing, everything is organised and performed right away. It turns out that properly structured systems for the insurance industry can be the key to success in such situations.

VSoft e-Court Collection – how about automating the communication of the debt collection system with the e-court?

Does your debt collection system generate a lot of lawsuits for payment every month? What about filing them en masse, without having to print them out, attach evidence documents, pack everything in envelopes and send it all over the country? It would be so much easier to file all lawsuits with one court! Finally, and perhaps most importantly – what if there was the possibility of paying a 4 times smaller court fee for a lawsuit? There is a way to do all this! We are talking about Electronic Writ of Payment Proceedings (EPU) conducted on a mass scale by the e-Court based in Lublin. To take advantage of the above advantages of EPU, all you need to do is file electronic lawsuits manually, directly on the e-Court...

A fast and secure credit process requires advanced tools

Financial monthly “BANK”: today’s consumer is highly demanding, expecting at the same time security, convenience and 24-hour availability of banking services. How to create the tools responsible for credit processes to be able to meet both the customer’s expectations and the regulatory requirements?

Credit systems and the central system in Banks

Credit systems can be presented as a set of solutions supporting the assessment of customers, transactions and risk when making decisions whether to enter into a contract or its further course. Examples of such solutions are our VSoft Credit and VSoft Rating products. In addition, systems responsible for credit processes can connect to other systems to deepen the analysis or provide added value to the assessment, e.g. using VSoft Connectors. Where is the central system in all this? Were does its name come from? What is it and what tasks does it perform? You will find it all out in the article below

Transaction rating evaluation

The proper functioning of the company on the market and the achievement of its business goals requires access to financial resources. Very often, the lack of financial liquidity contributes to delays in paying off liabilities and debts and, in extreme cases, may even lead to the bankruptcy of the company. Among the many available sources of business financing, one form is external financing in the form of short- or long-term loans. Other forms of financing, such as leasing or factoring, are also possible. Another method of raising capital for new investments and company development may lay in issue of debt securities, e.g. in the form of corporate bonds. However, each of the above-mentioned forms of financing requires a detailed risk assessment of such a transaction. Such an assessment...

Corporate rating

One of the key activities supporting the stability and security of the functioning of large corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, is the assessment of the credibility of customers/business partners and verification of their ability to meet their obligations. So what should be included in the rating of business partners and how should the given rating be interpreted? I will try to answer this and some related questions in this article – I invite you to read.

Scrum and product quality at VSoft

What is agility in project management? Agility is primarily about more value at an earlier stage. So what is this value? For the customer, it will be working software, in line with their business needs. The essence of agility is to deliver working functionalities from the beginning of the project and on a regular basis. Scrum is a set of tools and principles that support iterative delivery of increments, that is, working pieces of software. The key point here is that it has to work – technically and functionally, and therefore has to present appropriate, high quality.

Electrifying digitisation of debt collection

The automation of debt collection processes is entering a new level, thanks to the rapidly increasing digitalisation of the services provided by debt collection companies, as well as greater access to data on public services. It is the latter that we will take a closer look at in order to show the extent of change in recent years and estimate the real impact on business process optimisation.

Automation of the tax settlement process for real estate, agricultural and forestry tax

Tax settlement for local taxes may take a day, a week, or a month. In the case of taxpayers who have a lot of real estates located in many municipalities in Poland or are characterized by high dynamics of changes, the settlement process should be repeated many times by performing a number of similar activities, which often paralyzes the activity of accounting departments during sensitive periods.

Back-office processes in banks

When dividing the bank into process owners and their contractors, we must not forget that they operate within the organizational structure and competences assigned to positions/areas and tasks, resulting, among others, from strategic goals, KPIs or quality requirements etc. Due to its importance, each process can be carried out by one or more units or internal structures operating within a department or office. Joint arrangements and defining what is the beginning and end of the process are key to identify the responsibility and set SLAs. In the context of the arrangements that affect all structures in the bank, in particular some of the back office, servicing or, simply, operations/support processes, this division is extremely important.

VSoft BIK KI connector – time for changes

The world is evolving, and the pace of change is faster than ever. The innovative and very modern solutions that were created yesterday, today no longer surprise anyone, and many of them are considered unfashionable, sometimes even outdated. It is particularly noticeable in the world of IT solutions. Not so long ago, we boasted about creating VSoft Connector BIK KI. Today we want to present a new version of the connector. The graphic interface has been created from scratch in accordance to the current standards, trends and the latest technologies. Suggestions for changes from users were taken into account in the context of ergonomics, ease of use, business usefulness and facilitating the work of analysts with BIK reports. Now the application looks fresh, and the subdued and very...

A ready product or a dedicated solution? A few words about the advantages of a product implementation

Nowadays, digital transformation is inevitable for many reasons. One of its elements is changing the way it works by introducing technology into everyday use. Currently, most companies, also in the insurance industry, wanting to improve their work, increase its efficiency and, above all, automate certain processes, face a difficult choice – a ready-made product available on the market or a dedicated solution created from scratch. Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors when making such a decision is the business need – whether a ready, in a sense, universal solution will be able to meet all the requirements, or the only option is to create a system dedicated to the needs of a given organization from scratch. Today’s market offers more and more ready-made solutions, and this article...