VSoft Mobile Workforce

A dedicated tool created to handle tasks by mobile employees. The solution allows supervision of field employees, while supporting, optimizing and automating their activities. The main goal of the solution is to increase work efficiency and minimize the company costs.
Narzędzie klasy Field Service Management (FSM), przeznaczone do obsługi zleceń przez pracowników mobilnych i weryfikacji skuteczności realizacji zadań
VSoft Mobile Workforce is designed for debt collection, insurance, leasing companies, banks, teleco operators and mass service providers, i.e. all companies whose employees carry out tasks in the field.

The application is available in Polish and English language.

Why should give a try a VSoft Mobile Workforce?

  • Security + compliance with the requirements of the GDPR
  • Efficiency increased by 20%
  • Support for various processes within one solution - ALL-IN-ONE
  • Continuous product development - ROADMAP for each quarter
  • Operation in all conditions - also offline
  • Rapid response to market changes - fast TIME 2 MARKET
  • Giving up a huge part of paper documentation - an eco-friendly product

Please visit www.vsoftmobileworkforce.pl, where you can find more details about the solution
and try the DEMO version!