VSoft e-Court Collection – comprehensive support for communication with the e-Court platform

A system for the automatic handling of communication between the e-Court and systems used to conduct and monitor court cases under electronic writ of payment proceedings.
VSoft e-Court Collection – kompleksowa obsługa komunikacji z platformą e-Sądu
Nasze systemy kredytowe obsługują rocznie:
1 100 000
klientów indywidualnych
900 000

średnich firm

22 000

dużych firm

największych banków korzysta z naszego rozwiązania

Advantages of VSoft e-Court Collection

VSoft e-Court Collection is a solution that allows to automate communication with the Electronic Writ of Payment (EPU) and to free from temporary unavailability of e-Court

Thanks to easy integration with external systems, bulk import and export of data is possible, and this allows to automate numerous manual steps, reduce costs and shorten the time required for proceedings.

The solution centralizes information on cases conducted in e-Court, which translates into uniform and consistent handling of cases and increased security of access to data.

Additional advantages of implementing VSoft e-Court Collection:

  • increasing the volume of debt collection cases handled,
  • increasing control over court and enforcement proceedings,
  • reducing legal proceedings costs,
  • transferring standardized business data without the necessity to know restrictions and tricks of the EPU API,
  • concealing unavailability of the EPU caused by failure or implementation work,
  • minimizing the need for plenipotentiaries to log into the EPU,
  • control over the number of cases in a packet and the maximum fee per packet of lawsuits,
  • a secure and closed channel for personal and sensitive data, compliant with GDPR,
  • automatic download of relevant data from the technical XML form of court decisions,
  • downloading the database of bailiffs – automatic update based on data from the e-Court,
  • storing the history of the sent packets of lawsuits.
VSoft e-Court Collection to rozwiązanie, które pozwala na automatyzację komunikacji z EPU oraz uniezależnienie się od czasowych niedostępności e-Sądu
Saving time and costs
Improvement of data quality
Process standardization
Data verification and validation
Reduce the costs of court and enforcement proceedings!

VSoft e-Court Collection functionalities

Importing data from source systems

VSoft e-Court Collection masowo importuje dane z systemów źródłowych, np. systemu wsparcia windykacji, do aplikacji, które dotyczą: pozwów, wniosków i pism procesowych. Import ten pozwala na wygenerowanie pozwów EPU, wniosków egzekucyjnych oraz pism procesowych do EPU.

Exporting data to source systems (e.g., debt collection systems)
The scope includes information on: court cases (statuses, related objects, content of pleadings in XML format, service history). Moreover, VeCC automatically searches for and reads relevant data from the technical XML form, such as the decision code, the content of the ruling, the grounds, and the date of the order validity, which can be used for additional automation of the EPU court process on the side of the source system.
Regularly checking system logs, which contain information about all activities and operations performed on the system, allows administrators to quickly and efficiently identify potential problems and implement appropriate corrective measures. In this way, they ensure stable and trouble-free operation of the system.
Transferring data to the e-Court

Transferring data from the VeCC system to the e-Court system in terms of: packets of lawsuits, packets of enforcement requests, packets of pleadings.
When the e-Court platform is temporarily unavailable, the system automatically retries the dispatch. When detecting an error for a single document in an packet, e-Court rejects the entire package. In such a situation, VeCC automatically “repacks” the remaining documents into a new packet and files it with the e-Court so as not to withhold them. Information is then returned to the source system, along with a description of the error for that one document, and the source system can prepare it again.

Downloading data from the e-Court
IImporting data from the e-Court system into the application system provides full integration of court case data. The import includes the following information: court cases and their history, orders/rulings with metadata and content in XML format, delivery with metadata, pleadings with metadata, current API version, a list of bailiffs’ offices.
Automatic processing
The automatic processing, performed by VeCC, makes it possible to handle three types of packets: lawsuits, enforcement requests and pleadings. Data are collected from the source systems throughout the day and sent to the EPU in packets at a set time (or times). The system also ensures the acquisition of feedback from the EPU, the most common configuration is to download data from the e-Court at night or in the morning, so that the source system has everything available at the beginning of the day.

The application of VSoft e-Court Collection

Learn how our Connector supports the effective execution of debt collection processes.

Debt collection agencies

VSoft e-Court Collection is a connector readily used by debt collection agencies to execute debt collection processes more efficiently.

The data downloaded from the connector can be used by the collection system to:

  • automatically register EPU orders and rulings in the system, with a specific case,
  • notify the system user about the occurrence of a ruling of a specific type (according to the action code from the EPU) or an order,
  • refer cases to the appropriate lists of cases to be handled, e.g., by decision code of the ruling,
  • present the user with the contents of the rulings, without having to browse through the pleadings on the EPU website,
  • automatically or semi-automatically generate a request for execution upon receipt of information about the validity of the order,
  • create alerts for the user about the expiration of pleadings (e.g., 7 days have passed from the date of issuance or delivery of a ruling for the case).
VSoft e-Court Collection jest chętnie wykorzystywanym konektorem przez firmy windykacyjne do sprawniejszego finalizowania procesów windykacyjnych

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