VSoft e-Court Collection

A solution that comprehensively handles communication with the e-Court platform. It is directed to companies and institutions that want to automatically handle the processes of filing lawsuits in the e-Court. The system supports the functionalities provided by the platform and allows for mass processing of applications. The e-Court platform and the e-Court Collection system support simple matters with an unambiguous enforcement order. Other cases are handled on the classic path that the court provides.

What our solution ensures

Reducing the costs of legal proceedings

Shortening the time of legal proceedings

Daily polling the e-Court

Collection of data from legal proceedings

Full communication with the e-Court

Support for the versioning of data format exchanged with the e-Court

Summing claims and fees in the package

Calculation of court fees

Supplementing standard data

Package numbering

Auto-numbering of claims in a package

Storing the history of sent claims

Handling of error messages

Data verification and validation

Benefits of implementation

  • reducing the costs of legal and enforcement proceedings by approx. 80%
  • reducing the time of legal and enforcement proceedings by over 60%
  • increasing the number of debt collection cases serviced
  • increasing control over litigation and enforcement proceedings

VSoft e-Court Collection is a product included in the innovative integrated platform for the financial area – VSoft Financial Platform.


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