VSoft KO Connector

The application is dedicated to the automatic handling of the communication of systems conducting enforcement cases with the Komornik Online system.
Aplikacja dedykowana do automatycznej obsługi komunikacji systemów prowadzących sprawy egzekucyjne z systemem Komornik Online.
Jak usprawnić komunikację za pośrednictwem systemu Komornik Online?
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How to streamline communication through the Komornik Online system?

Smooth communication and quick access to information is extremely crucial for all parties in enforcement proceedings. This applies to employees of bailiffs’ offices as well as debtors, creditors, plenipotentiaries and law firms.
Access to current data concerning the case allows you to react on an ongoing basis and in a manner appropriate to the status of the proceedings. VSoft KO Connector ensures this every day. The Connector acquires information on enforcement cases conducted by bailiffs in two software programmes (Komornik SQL-VAT, Kancelaria Komornika) as well as enables the exchange of documents between a bailiff and parties to the proceedings.

Convenient and secure access to current data concerning the case

VSoft Komornik Online Connector offers advantages wherever enforcement proceedings are conducted.
Thanks to the automatic downloading of data and the possibility of exchanging documents between the creditor and the bailiff, it provides both parties with a set of up-to-date information on the case. The data go directly into the user’s system. Importantly, this is done without the need to log into the Komornik Online (Online Bailiff) system every day or operate an additional interface. The Connector operates in the background, meeting high security standards and GDPR requirements.
VSoft KO Connector daje korzyści wszędzie tam, gdzie prowadzone jest postępowanie egzekucyjne
Automation of the enforcement process
Current information on enforcement proceedings
Simultaneous import of data for multiple cases
Minimising the costs of sending letters
Standardised handling of enforcement cases
Data security ensured
Save time and act quickly in enforcement proceedings

What can VSoft Komornik Online Connector do?

Collecting data from the Komornik Online system
The Connector connects to KO via the REST API and automatically performs incremental or full data export according to the query schedule. The scope of the information depends on the configuration and rights.
Exchange of documents in enforcement proceedings
The module providing two-way communication between the creditor and the bailiff handles dispatch and receipt of documents, both standard and extended, requiring a signature.
Acknowledgment of receipt
The receipt of letters requiring a signature can be executed in two ways – using the electronic signature assigned to the client’s company account or directly in the Komornik Online system.
Integration with internal systems

The information downloaded from the Komornik Online system can be transferred to the client’s internal systems and used to automate processes related to enforcement proceedings.

Data protection in accordance with GDPR
The architecture of the solution and a number of mechanisms support secure data processing compliant with GDPR rules and enable data anonymization. The file-based interface eliminates the need to log in.
Your functionality
VSoft Komornik Online Connector is a product ready to be implemented quickly in your organisation. However, if you have an idea for additional functionality that it does not yet have, write to us.

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