Communication with external information databases

Our solutions allow you to use various external sources of information in your credit processes. High automation of this stage of the credit process saves the bank employees’ time and creates new opportunities for them.

We dispose of solutions that automate the process of information exchange with business information offices, Credit Information Bureau (BIK), CEIDG/KRS, credit agencies and more. Check what other databases are integrated with our credit service platform - VSoft Credit.

Credit Information Office (BIK)

We have a ready-to-use interface to the Credit Information Bureau for the customer assessment report, monitoring report and customer management. You can easily download a report for an individual customer and entrepreneur, in both single and mass mode. Downloaded BIK report will be automatically assessed (positive, neutral, negative), so that it is possible to automate the credit decision process. VSoft Credit platform has a built-in query caching mechanism, which allows you to reduce the cost of downloading data from Credit Information Office. You can download data from BIK at the offer stage, evaluation stage, during a monitoring process, while creating a good customer base or setting limits. You decide when and for which client to download the report. Data from the report can be used not only for risk assessment, but also during the processes of generating offers (e.g. consolidation offers).

The data for which you paid will be fully used.

Economic information offices - KRD, Infomonitor, ERIF

Our credit system has connections to the three largest business information offices operating in Poland: KRD, InfoMonitor and ERIF. Thanks to this, you can automatically download information about arrears at the stage of application evaluation (service interface) or during monitoring processes (mass polling). VSoft Credit platform has built-in algorithms for assessing the significance of arrears and controlling the order of polling paid sources. Additionally, it has a built-in mechanism for caching query results for a given period of time, thanks to which you will reduce the cost of polling paid interfaces.

Ready connections to the three largest economic information offices in Poland.


We are integrated with the database of entrepreneurs provided by the REGON system (sole proprietorship, civil partnerships, commercial law companies, etc.), thanks to which data about the company are automatically downloaded after entering the NIP or REGON number. In addition, in the case of commercial law companies, VSoft system downloads a set of data from the KRS register, both in the form of a copy in a pdf file and a set of analytical data. VSoft Credit also has ready-to-use reports presenting, among other things, the average salary or overdue in a given workplace. Information downloaded from REGON can be used in the process of automatic monitoring or sending warning signals (e.g. whether the company has not suspended business activity). The system also has ready-made functionalities for generating lists of newly created companies within x kilometers from the position you are interested in.

Information on all economic operators operating in Poland that can be obtained fully automatically.

Central system

Our credit service system is adapted for integration in, among others, downloading/uploading customer data, information on balance and off-balance sheet exposure, active credit/deposit list, account turnover, service history of liabilities, registration of a credit agreement and collateral agreements. Of course, as part of the implementation, we can expand the interface so that it meets all your needs.
The integration can be provided online using network services, data views or dedicated API and offline using files/data marts. We have experience in integration with central systems such as Def 2000/3000, Profile, Alnova, SKOK COM.

A full picture of the client and the automation of the work of bank employees.


VSoft financial platform has a module of address points based on TERYT database. While registering the address, all you need to do is enter your postal code, and the system will complete the voivodship, poviat, commune and narrow (or automatically choose one item) a list of towns and streets available under the given postal code. The platform can validate whether the address data downloaded from another system is correct and consistent (for example, if the zip code is correct for the given town and street). In addition, the built-in distance database between postal codes allows you to create rules for the selection of branch service or anti-fraud rules.

The data is constantly updated from the TERYT system, which guarantees their consistency and correctness.


Would you like to use the valuation of properties from the AMRON system in the assessment of mortgage collateral? It's great! VSoft is the creator of AMRON system.

Our solution that supports the sale of banking products is integrated with the AMRON system in the scope of downloading B reports, which contain a list of real estate sales transactions from a given location. Once defined criteria for finding real estate transactions can be used at the stage of assessment or monitoring of a credit agreement. In the VSoft Credit system, you can easily use this information to estimate the value of real estate using your model or to verify the valuation report presented by the client.

Full automation of the process of valuation of the real estate being the object of lending or collateral.


Our credit system has a data import module from the PONT-INFO system and other industry standards that can be used in the scoring or rating assessment. It allows the use of statistical averages for the quantitative assessment, during the generation or verification of financial forecasts provided by the client, as well as in the sensitivity analysis or scenario assessment.

Comparison of how or client appear against competition.


VSoft Credit platform offers imported data published by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), including information on the population in a given town or the average salary in the NTSC-3 subregion. You can use this information in any decision model (for example in application scoring, capacity calculation). Of course, if you need additional information from GUS, we can import and update any information published by the statistical office at the implementation stage.

The ability to use all publicly available information needed to make the right decision.

Restricted documents

Integration with the Restricted Documents system (System DZ) can be performed at any stage of the process: during registration of the application, evaluation, signing of the contract or launching of funds. Information on finding an identity document in the database is automatically put aside in the anti-fraud module at the particular applicant.

You can be sure that you will give the loan to the appropriate person.

Bank Register

Integration with Bank Register (System Bankowy Rejestr) can be used at any stage of the application assessment or during the generation of limits and pre-approved offers.
Thanks to VSoft Credit, you have free access to a database of over 2.2 million customers who do not comply with their obligations.

Credit information agencies

VSoft system provides ready connections to the largest Polish credit information agencies. Thanks to this you will gain access to financial reports and trade correlations. You also will be able to pre-calculate the client's risk without asking for any documents.

Easy integration of data about companies operating in Poland and abroad.

SALESManago/Contact Center

Our platform guarantees a ready module for handling sales opportunities (so-called leads). The platform provides API ready for integration with your contact center system. Thanks to integration with SALESManago and customer identification in internal databases, the system dynamically manages the queue of contacts to call. In one place you handle customer consents, register your contact history, generate an initial offer (including BIK querying) and forward the lead to the branch you and your client prefer.

Monitoring of customer activity on the website.

Data warehouse

VSoft Credit system can be easily integrated with a data warehouse, both in the scope of downloading the data required for credit processes, and for sharing data collected in a credit system in order to supply a warehouse.

Social data

Our system is integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud, which provides ready-made mechanisms for processing information from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Using the cloud, you will process unstructured information into specific measures that you can use in algorithms that make credit decisions or generate offers for customers.

The possibility of using the potential hidden in social data (BIG DATA).

Land and mortgage registers

Our solution has a ready mechanism that will automatically enter data you can use in the transaction risk assessment from the given land registry number into the security module.

VSoft Credit

Software supporting the sale of banking products

It is a comprehensive platform supporting credit processes, designed for banks, Polish credit unions and loan companies that wish to optimize sales and after-sales service of financial products offered through various distribution channels.

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