How can technology support enforcement processes? Advantages of using VSoft KO Connector

Technology helps streamline and automate a lot of the tasks that, until recently, were performed manually by employees, increasing the efficiency of the organisation and reducing the amount of repetitive work. Technology may also support enforcement processes, considered to be lengthy and tedious, by reducing the amount of manual work and allowing staff to fully focus on ensuring that these processes are highly efficient.

Enforcement processes and technology

Although, at first glance, technology does not seem to be able to assist in enforcement processes – after all, these are primarily based on debt enforcement conducted on creditors – it is a highly misleading belief! Technology allows these processes to be streamlined in a number of ways, significantly assisting the execution of operational activities, maintaining contact between bailiffs and creditors, and providing multiple benefits wherever there is a need for information about proceedings conducted by bailiffs.

VSoft KO Connector – how to automate connecting to the Service Komornik Online?

The operation of the enforcement process can be highly automated by using VSoft KO Connector. It connects with the Online Bailiff primarily automating and accelerating the transfer of data. Connector consists of two modules – the first for exporting data and the second for uploading documents. Within the first module, the Connector retrieves data from the service at the user’s request, delivering them in the form of segregated files containing groups of events, e.g. general information on the case and enforcement titles. It allows full data export (once a month) and incremental download (once a day).The second module handles the process of sending and receiving documents – including those requiring an acknowledgement of receipt in the form of an electronic signature.

Advantages of using VSoft KO Connector

What are the advantages of using a connector in enforcement processes? First and foremost, it streamlines the flow and merges data from the programmes used by the bailiffs’ offices (Kancelaria Komornika, Komornik SQL). It also gives the possibility to monitor debt collection activities on an ongoing basis, which allows for a much quicker response to arising situations. Connector also provides an invaluable aid in acquiring data for multiple cases at the same time – it helps reduce the amount of internal resources used for traditional case monitoring, allowing efficient relocation to other areas. It also minimises the cost of sending letters by traditional means, allowing two-way communication in terms of sending documents, and it accelerates the handling of pleadings by enabling the use of an electronic signature without the necessity to log into Bailiff Online each time.

Exemplary applications of data acquired by means of the Connector

The data downloaded by the connector can be used in a number of ways. One of these is the automatic recording of activities in the internal system, e.g. through a tab dedicated to the case, the referral of cases to a specific status and the automatic completion of certain fields in the system with the acquired data. Another example of using obtained data are notifications for the system user about updates to specific data within the case or the creation of a task for the user depending on the information received. It is worth remembering that, thanks to the Connector, we can organise documents by automatically attaching them to the case file.

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