Antifraud Verification

Anti-fraud verification using external sources of information

Dishonest clients and fraud attempts are a more and more frequent problem, which is why the elimination of fraud applications has become a basic process in financial institutions. Using the functionality of the connectors, you can easily automate anti-fraud verification.

Connectors do not only provide a simple integration with external institutions, but also an additional functionality that allows you to reduce the costs of servicing the entire process.

The most important functions of connectors, or why you should have them

before sending the next query, the connector checks whether a given entity has no current report in its memory; if it finds one, it returns a report from the cache memory, without re-polling, which is a great saving for the user.

The ability to build your own reports using SQL queries - VSoft connectors store data in a dedicated database.

They store information about all queries (including failed ones) and all replies (including those containing information about errors),

The functionality of sending mass inquiries provides the ability to support many entities at the same time.

The graphical interface allows for intuitive handling of reports, without involving the IT department.

The possibility of sending inquiries from the web level, which makes it extremely easy to inquire about a single entity.

List of available connectors that can be used in anti-fraud verification

The connector for communicating and polling the Antifraud Platform made available by BIK - VSoft BIK PAF for KI is the result of many years of cooperation between VSoft and the Credit Information Bureau.
ERIF Economic Information Bureau accepts, stores and discloses data on debtors and prompt payers.
KRS/Monitor sądowy
VSoft Proprietary Documents connector enables integration with MIG-DZ and protects against one of the most common types of fraud.
The TERYT module improves the address data management. When registering an address, it is enough to complete the zip code, and the remaining data - voivodship, poviat and commune - will be completed or narrowed down to the list of towns and streets.
National Debt Register Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A. is another key source of data on debtors and prompt payers.
Proprietary documents
VSoft Proprietary Documents connector enables integration with MIG-DZ and protects against one of the most common types of fraud. Information that an identity document has been found in the database of restricted documents alerts you to a possible attempt to extort funds.
VSoft COIG connector enables access to information on individual bankruptcies and business failures.

VSoft Connectors

Communication with external information databases

Our solutions allow you to use various external sources of information in your credit processes.

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