Credit risk assessment

We offer a risk assessment tool for an individual client (scoring) and a corporate client (rating).

Our systems support implementation of decision models for various customer segments

Application and behavioral scoring for retail customers

Application and behavioral scoring for the SME segment

Rating for a corporate client

Risk assessment of cooperatives and housing associations

Risk assessment of local government units

We are experienced in implementing models that meet the A-IRB criteria (advanced internal ratings-based approach).

Our ready-to-implement functionalities support the assessment of a new client, developer and risk assessment of transactions carried out in the form of specialist financing (Project Finance).

Business administrators can easily develop and build new algorithms thanks to the VSoft archITekt business platform.

When defining aggregates, scoring models, capacities, product selections and conditions, you can use:

multidimensional decision tables
graphically built algorithms
models based on PMML
R language
Microsoft.NET platform C# code

VSoft Credit

Software supporting the sale of banking products

It is a comprehensive platform supporting credit processes, designed for banks, Polish credit unions and loan companies that wish to optimize sales and after-sales service of financial products offered through various distribution channels.

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