Conferences offering presentations, panel discussions and networking possibilities - both online and in person - are a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. What encourages us most to attend these types of events is the diversity and dynamics, as well as the chance to exchange experience with other professionals interested in technology and development.
Dziel się wiedzą i wymieniaj doświadczeniami

Share knowledge and exchange experience

Conferences give the opportunity of exceptional meetings and gaining new business contacts, which can prove valuable for the implementation of future ideas.
Together we can do more!
Inspirational speeches
A solid dose of knowledge
Latest IT trends and solutions
Building business relationships
Exchange of experience

Meet us soon!

Attend the upcoming conference and talk to our experts. We are open to your questions and insights on the subject matter of the event.

EKO! Optymalizacja

Auditorium maximum, Krupnicza 33, Kraków

10.03.2022 | 90 min

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We are pleased to have the opportunity to actively participate in numerous industry events and meetings. If we had met at the last conference, we would like to stay in touch. And who knows, perhaps we will meet again at the next edition?
Nowa wersja systemu AMRON XIX kongres finansowania nieruchomości mieszkaniowych

We are pleased to announce a collaboration on the development of the latest version of the AMRON system.

8.03.2023 | Jakub Głąb, Łukasz Kawulok

Zapraszamy na konferencję ,,Leasing a ubezpieczenia”!

Digitalization using a low-code platform. Practical examples in the area of sales.

28.11.2022 | Jakub Głąb

Podsumowanie webinaru IT&Legal Workshops!

Trends in the IT financial industry. Integration with external data sources.

10.03.2022 | Jakub Głąb, Łukasz Kawulok, Jakub Rabong

Długi i windykacja w czasie pandemii

The area of monitoring of receivables and directions of development of the debt collection industry.

15.04.2021 | Joanna Skawińska, Agata Zapała