Conferences offering presentations, panel discussions and networking possibilities - both online and in person - are a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. What encourages us most to attend these types of events is the diversity and dynamics, as well as the chance to exchange experience with other professionals interested in technology and development.
Dziel się wiedzą i wymieniaj doświadczeniami

Share knowledge and exchange experience

Conferences give the opportunity of exceptional meetings and gaining new business contacts, which can prove valuable for the implementation of future ideas.
Together we can do more!
Inspirational speeches
A solid dose of knowledge
Latest IT trends and solutions
Building business relationships
Exchange of experience

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Attend the upcoming conference and talk to our experts. We are open to your questions and insights on the subject matter of the event.

XXVI Congress of Brokers

Hotel Gołębiewski, Mikołajki

June 5-7, 2024

We are happy to announce that we will be present at the XXVI Congress of Brokers, which will be held on June 5-7 at the prestigious Golebiewski Hotel in Mikolajki. The Brokers Congress is not only the largest, but also the most anticipated event in the industry. We will be actively participating in the event this year, presenting on-site our innovative VSoft Insurance Broker program, designed for insurance brokers.

FinTech Poland Meet-up (Tricity Edition)

Dom Zdrojowy, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 6, Sopot

June 10, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We invite you to the next edition of the FinTech Poland Meet-up, of which we are proud to be a partner. During the meeting, a debate will be held on the topic: Financial Innovations Build Competitive Advantage. How to Win the Race? The Role of Regional Cooperation. VSoft will be represented on stage by Przemysław Serba.

See which conferences we have participated in

We are pleased to have the opportunity to actively participate in numerous industry events and meetings. If we had met at the last conference, we would like to stay in touch. And who knows, perhaps we will meet again at the next edition?

The first edition of Digital Vendor Day is behind us! We had the pleasure of participating in this unique meeting, which took place on June 18 in the Rotunda of PKO BP in Warsaw and brought together the largest leasing companies and solution providers supporting the digitalization of the sector. The event, organized by the Polish Leasing Association (ZPL), proved to be an excellent platform for sharing experiences, ideas and best practices.

18.06.2024 | Anna Kurek-Płaneta, Grzegorz Skulimowski

We had another exciting meeting as part of the FinTech Poland ecosystem, where we are proud to be a partner. During the Sopot meet-up, we discussed financial innovations that build competitive advantage and the role of regional collaboration. VSoft was represented on stage by Przemysław Serba.

10.06.2024 | Przemysław Serba

From June 5-7, we had the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Congress of Brokers at the Gołębiewski Hotel in Mikołajki. The Congress of Brokers is not only the largest but also the most anticipated event in the industry. We are delighted to have been a partner of this event and to promote our product for brokers.

5-7.06.2024 | Anna Kurek-Płaneta, Milena Kamińska, Magdalena Ojczyk-Fornal

Trade Tech Forum 2024 is an event that brings together leaders from the worlds of trade and finance. This year's edition took place at the National Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi (ADNEC). The forum has been attracting significant attention from investors, regulatory bodies, technology providers, logistics companies, global traders, researchers, and representatives of international organizations for years.

27.02.2024 | Michał Jurkowski

Leasing a Ubezpieczenia Conference was an event held for the second time, bringing together key figures from the leasing and insurance industries in one place. The topics of this year's edition focused on important issues such as digitalisation, legal aspects and claims, client-centricity and ESG issues.

20/21.11.2023​​ | Anna Kurek-Płaneta, Paweł Wroniewicz, Jakub Głąb, Grzegorz Skulimowski

VSoft was a partner of the 10th edition of the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress. As part of the conference, we took part in a panel on the intensive development of the modern services sector, as well as received the Polish Innovation Award 2023.

13/14.11.2023 | Jakub Głąb, Michał Jurkowski, Edyta Banaś

An event, organized by the Polish Bank Association on the future of banking and the role of low code/no code platforms in its transformation.

26.10.2023 | Renata Lipczyńska

An event organized by ITwiz, dedicated to the subject of low code platforms, as well as the effects of their effective adaptation in the context of companies' business processes.

19.06.2023 | Jakub Głąb, Michał Jurkowski, Renata Lipczyńska

Nowa wersja systemu AMRON XIX kongres finansowania nieruchomości mieszkaniowych

We are pleased to announce a collaboration on the development of the latest version of the AMRON system.

8.03.2023 | Jakub Głąb, Łukasz Kawulok

Zapraszamy na konferencję ,,Leasing a ubezpieczenia”!

Digitalization using a low-code platform. Practical examples in the area of sales.

28.11.2022 | Jakub Głąb

Podsumowanie webinaru IT&Legal Workshops!

Trends in the IT financial industry. Integration with external data sources.

10.03.2022 | Jakub Głąb, Łukasz Kawulok, Jakub Rabong

Długi i windykacja w czasie pandemii

The area of monitoring of receivables and directions of development of the debt collection industry.

15.04.2021 | Joanna Skawińska, Agata Zapała