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Let’s meet at “CXO HUB People – Business – Technology”!

We are pleased to announce that VSoft has become a partner of the prestigious meeting “CXO HUB People – Business – Technology”, which will take place on June 19 in Warsaw. The event, organized by ITwiz, will be devoted to the topic of low code platforms, as well as the conditions and effects of their effective adaptation in the context of companies’ business processes.

The event will take the form of a discussion among CxO and ambassadors of technology and the low code paradigm. As a partner of the meeting, our task is to discuss the premises and benefits of introducing this technology.

During the meeting we will discuss:

  • main assumptions of low code
  • growing needs of digitization
  • possibilities offered by low-code

We will consider what the future of low code looks like, we will listen to the CIO experiences of companies that use platforms. One of the most anticipated elements of the event will be the Oxford debate – an engaging discussion format that has been successfully used in academic and business environments for over a century. This is a proven way of “weighing” the arguments for and against the theses describing phenomena or events.

The audience will actively participate in the discussion, thanks to which there will be interesting threads and opinions from various perspectives. VSoft experts will have the opportunity to share their experience and present practical examples of using low code to achieve business efficiency.

The “CXO HUB People – Business – Technology” meeting is an ideal opportunity to explore these topics and learn about the latest trends in the field of low code platforms.

You’re welcome!

VSoft archITekt is a low-code platform that enables easy and fast software development according to your needs. The simplicity of this solution allows non-programmers to get involved and build applications of any complexity.