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VSoft at the Digital Banking Academy – “low code/no code”

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that our expert, Renata Lipczyńska, Sales Director, will be participating in the Digital Banking Academy event, which will take place online on October 26, 2023. Renata will share her business knowledge on low-code platforms during her lecture titled “Engaging Business in Low-Code Application Development: Theory vs. Reality”.

This event, organized by the Association of Polish Banks under the theme “Low Code/No Code: The Future of Banks Without Engineers?” presents an excellent opportunity for discussions about the future of banking and the role of low code/no code platforms in its transformation. The conference will be dedicated to key aspects of the changes happening in the banking sector. Development projects that once progressed slowly and required significant time and financial investments are no longer acceptable. The banking industry faces the challenge of shortening the time to market for products, and low code/no code development platforms serve as effective tools for the rapid and efficient creation of digital products.

It is expected that in 2023, low code/no code development platforms will become a common standard in the banking sector. During our presentation, we will discuss specific implementation cases of low code/no code platforms and their impact on the future of developer work and human resource management in the technical department.

If you would like to participate in this fascinating event, we encourage you to register on the Digital Banking Academy website: Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge about the future of banking and the role of low code/no code platforms!

VSoft archITekt is a low-code platform that enables easy and fast software development according to your needs. The simplicity of this solution allows non-programmers to get involved and build applications of any complexity.