VSoft RET – a tool to manage property, agricultural and forestry taxes

The system makes it possible to maintain a database of properties, taxable objects, tax authorities and applicable rates, as well as significantly accelerates the preparation of declarations and their corrections.
VSoft RET - narzędzie do zarządzania podatkiem od nieruchomości, rolnym i leśnym
VSoft RET in numbers

3 days

average time of implementation

3 templates

of declarations with annexes


municipalities served, together with rates

1 min

average time to prepare a tax declaration

Dynamika zmian w podatkach lokalnych
Automation is huge support for companies with at least a few properties, located in various municipalities in Poland or characterised by high dynamics of change.

Change dynamics in local taxes

Every entrepreneur who owns real estate, agricultural land or woodland is obliged to submit the relevant tax declarations.
Local tax rates are updated each year and vary in each municipality, whereas the number of instalments and due dates depend on the tax category. Settlement is further complicated by changes in the ownership or the use of taxable objects themselves, which always entails the need to submit a correction. Manual filing requires great commitment from employees and is prone to errors.

A simple way to settle property tax

VSoft RET is a ready-made system that makes it possible to keep a record of the properties owned and facilitates the settlement of local taxes.

The allocation of the relevant tax authorities and applicable rates takes place automatically, so that the time needed to calculate the tax due, including instalments, and generate the declaration is reduced to a few minutes. Uploading the files to the inboxes of the tax authorities is not a problem at all, regardless of the number of returns filed.

An unquestionable advantage of VSoft RET is its simple operation and easy access to information for multiple users. The system successfully replaces a number of other tools and streamlines settlement of local taxes.

VSoft RET to gotowy system, który umożliwia prowadzenie ewidencji posiadanych nieruchomości i ułatwia rozliczenia z tytułu podatków lokalnych
Automatic and bulk settlements
Eliminating errors in declarations
Releasing resources during critical periods
Quick access to data and reports
Saving time every year
Audibility of the reporting process
If you are curious about how our system looks and works, we will gladly present a product demo and answer your questions!

From a property database to ready-to-send declarations

Keeping a property database
The repository of taxable objects contains all the information needed to calculate local taxes and more. It provides easy and convenient access to current and historical data.
Database of tax authorities and rates
On the basis of the address data of the objects, the software automatically matches the tax authority according to the TERYT register of the Central Statistical Office and enables compilation of a database of current tax rates.
Calculating local taxes
The system calculates liabilities by instalments. The configuration includes conversion factors for forestry tax, agricultural area, the price of a quintal of rye and a cubic metre of wood.
Generating declarations and corrections
VSoft RET handles sample declarations DN-1, DR-1 and DL-1 with annexes. Completed documents are generated automatically on the basis of the maintained database of properties and tax rates.
Delivering returns to tax authorities
The user has the possibility of exporting data to PDF files, as well as XML files which can be uploaded to the tax inboxes of town and community offices, using the EPUAP system.
Your functionality
Are you wondering whether we offer the possibility of customising your product? Of course, there is such an option! Send us a short message so we can get to know each other and prepare a proposal tailored to You and Your company.

Dodatkowe materiały

Sprawozdawczość podatkowa i finansowa - zobacz co oferuje VSoft Tax Reporting


Narzędzie do zarządzania podatkiem od nieruchomości, rolnym i leśnym

Zebraliśmy garść informacji produktowych, dzięki którym jeszcze lepiej zorientujesz się w możliwościach VSoft RET. Podpowiadamy też, kiedy takie wdrożenie ma sens.

Automatyzacja procesu rozliczeń podatkowych na podatek od nieruchomości, rolny oraz leśny


Automatyzacja procesu rozliczeń podatkowych na podatek od nieruchomości, rolny oraz leśny
Nasz ekspert w obszarze sprawozdawczości podatkowej Grzegorz Sroka przedstawia, jakie wymagania powinien spełnić system do automatyzacji rozliczeń podatków lokalnych.
Wszystkie podatki lokalne w jednym systemie


Wszystkie podatki lokalne w jednym systemie
Podczas webinar przeszliśmy przez najważniejsze funkcjonalności systemu VSoft RET i pokazaliśmy jak w praktyce wygląda automatyczne wyliczenie zobowiązań i wytworzenie deklaracji.
Zeznań co nie miara... Jak automatyzować sprawozdawczość w instytucjach finansowych?


Zeznań co nie miara... Jak automatyzować sprawozdawczość w instytucjach finansowych?
Czy można mówić ciekawie o podatkach? Dla Grzegorza Sroki, który w VSoft specjalizuje się w obszarze sprawozdawczości to naturalne. Rozmowę z cyklu DLT prowadził Łukasz Piechowiak.

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