VSoft Loan

VSoft Loan – an end-to-end solution for loan sales and service

The solution is dedicated for loan institutions, credit unions and banks that want to provide their clients with a modern online solution focusing on a quick, simple and effective loan granting and repayment process.

We ensure compliance with all guidelines in the area of risk management. As a part of the loan process, we use data from external information offices. The evaluation, product matching and content management mechanism, e.g. information and consent management can be done by yourself through a dedicated configuration module.

Both the system and the customer portal dedicated to borrowers can be reached online and via mobile devices. It also supports sales in other channels such as Call Center and financial intermediaries.

The most important benefits of implementing VSoft Loan

Secure sales growth
A fully online process using the latest practices from the Polish and European financial market.

The mechanism of cross-sell actions with partners, e.g. insurance, discounts and benefits.

In the loan granting process can be included income data from banks in which customers have accounts.
Shortening customer service time
The fully automated process significantly reduces the time of customer service from submitting the application to the funds activation.

UX is the basis - user interaction with the application is intuitive, fast and the least demanding for all parties involved in the process.

Perfect communication with the borrower through the customer portal.
With the increase in the loan portfolio, it is possible to expand the infrastructure supporting the application.
This decrease the investment required at the start of the business.
Instant product development
The application is being developed and subsequent versions of it are enriched with additional optimizing elements.

VSoft Loan provides effective management in such areas as:


A rich set of the optimization modules allows for matching the product and offer to customer requirements with a more effective method of the application evaluation.

  • Loan institutions
  • Credit unions
  • Banks

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