VSoft Financial Platform

VSoft Financial Platform - an innovative, integrated platform for the financial area

The idea behind the creation of the platform is to provide a comprehensive solution combining the capabilities of products dedicated to the three most important areas of activities of the financial sector institutions. Thanks to this combination, the implementation of activities has become simpler, faster and safer.      

The existing product portfolio in three areas – insurance, banking and debt collection - is being extended by new products or new functional modules developed as part of research works during the implementation of a project entitled "Development of an innovative integrated platform for the financial zone", which is co-financed from European Union funds.

The integrated platform is offered together with the possibility of making it available as an outsourcing of services in the SaaS model.

VSoft Financial Platform contains products in individual areas that can be sold and used as a whole or in a compilation that best meets customer needs.

Products included in the VSoft Financial Platform

VSoft Collection

A system for handling the debt collection process

A solution supporting monitoring, debt collection and flexible management of debt collection strategies.   Selected functional modules of the VSoft Collection system: segmentation and prediction models, debt collection strategies, monitoring, debt collection in insurance, restructuring, execution, auctions, neural networks.

VSoft Smart

Many devices and office applications in one mobile device

A solution that uses the capabilities of a smartphone in web applications running on desktops or laptops. With its help, the employee can save the full user profile (contact details, vehicle data, information required to conclude an insurance or credit agreement), as well as other information. The presentation takes place on the phone/tablet - instead of a computer monitor. Selected functional modules of the product:
  • mobile applications,
  • OCR technology,
  • SmartPage.

VSoft e-Court Collection

Online integration with e-Court

A solution that comprehensively supports communication with the e-Court platform. It includes the following functionalities:
  • data collection,
  • case management,
  • e-Court.

VSoft Early Warning

early warning system

The product addressed to banking institutions, leasing and factoring companies, as well as commercial companies that grant trade credit. It allows you to track changes in information about monitoring items and to process online data from various sources. Selected functionalities:
  • an early warning system (detectors, signals, actions),
  • neural networks.

VSoft Aztec Decoder

The solution allows you to obtain data contained in the AZTEC 2D code in the vehicle registration certificate. The product has become part of the VSoft Smart solution.