VSoft eCommerce

An automated platform enabling independent purchase of insurance, without the participation of employees, brokers or product suppliers. The idea behind the solution is the ability to quickly and easily define new insurance products by business administrators.

No technical knowledge is needed to create new products in the system. The system, based on the product definition, generates the appropriate forms that allow customers to enter data for the calculation. Also, the development of documents needed to conclude insurance, such as a policy or confirmation of insurance, has been thought out so that employees without IT knowledge can create it.

VSoft eCommerce is based on the proprietary VSoft Insurance Platform.  

What are the benefits of VSoft eCommerce

Increase in profitability due to low costs of servicing the automated sales channel

A modern image

A modern distribution channel and contact with clients

A maintenance-free, service implementation model

The main functions of VSoft eCommerce

VSoft eCommerce is used for online insurance sale and service.

Features of the solution

Use of VSoft eCommerce

Supported processes

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