is a system that will allow you to sell insurance policies in places with a high concentration of people, such as:

shopping centers


gas stations

service points

entertainment venues

The purchase of the selected product is carried out in a machine with a touch screen, equipped with a printer, a scanner and, optionally, a payment card reader.

The maximum simplified purchase process shortens the transaction time (up to several dozen seconds) and promotes ease of shopping.

See how fast you can buy MTPL policy in a newisomat

The client scans the AZTEC code from the registration certificate

The data needed to calculate the premium is automatically entered

the newisomat retrieves the necessary data and calculates the insurance premium. The data of the vehicle and its owner are entered automatically by scanning the AZTEC code located on the last page of the registration certificate.

newisomat offers insurers to the client

The customer chooses the most advantageous offer

Offers are ranked according to the price or range criterion chosen by the customer (MTPL plus additional options). He also has the opportunity to read the General Conditions of insurance and print the offer. The insurance is signed at the time of making the payment (at the box office, via the terminal or via mobile payments).

The customer pays for insurance

A confirmation of the policy conclusion is printed

The customer receives confirmation of the transaction after purchasing the insurance, and the contract is delivered by courier. It is also possible to confirm by e-mail or SMS. The newisomat printout is the proof of insurance, for example during a police inspection of a vehicle.

Areas of application

newisomat can stand practically everywhere, where access to electricity and the Internet is ensured - it also does not need to be staffed during sales.
Below are some selected ideas for its application. There are many more and depends only on the business imagination, what will be available for purchase in the newisomat in the future. The device also can display advertisements in the form of movies, animations and static images.

What it gives

  • reaching a new group of clients
  • 24-hour automatic sales channel
  • expanding the sales network with locations previously unavailable to service providers
  • shortening the time needed to make a purchase
  • innovative image
  • source of sales leads
  • easy purchase of the selected product also by people who are not technologically advanced and who do not use the Internet and mobile devices on a daily basis