Mandatory reporting

Reporting is an area in which we support our clients for over a dozen years. We respond dynamically to any changes in law and to new obligations imposed by the state on banks and other institutions.

We comprehensively handle reporting to the National Bank of Poland (NBP), Ministry of Finance, Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG), Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), Economic Information Bureau (BIG) and Credit Information Office (BIK), taking into account the specifics of each of these institutions. In addition, we support management reporting processes for internal organization needs.

Solutions for public institutions

For the Ministry of Finance (public and legal settlements)
Comprehensive solutions providing full support for public and legal settlements (in the field of VAT, CIT and PIT), including support of online tax returns. In addition, our solutions allow you to create specialized reports (including FATCA, CRS, transfer prices, Single Audit File (JPK)).

For the Credit Information Office
When it comes to reporting to BIK SA, we support banks in the comprehensive service of individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises through efficient and rapid validation of data on accounts and clients. Our solutions enable, among others, generation and output of credit batches to BIK SA in the so-called @-notation, maintaining a local copy of information that BIK SA has about bank accounts and clients, storing input error reports for BIK SA, evaluating the quality of the input and analyzing the collected data.

For the National Bank of Poland
The solutions we offer enable banks to collect and verify data needed to prepare reports in XBRL format for the needs of the National Bank of Poland, creation of reports with an arbitrarily configured acceptance path and sending them to a designated institution in electronic or paper form. Our solutions also support other processes in banks improving the implementation of reporting obligations.

Scope of serviced packages of reports (both individual and consolidated) that must be reported to the NBP by financial institutions as part of prudential reporting:

Financial information - this package comprises financial data in the scope of balance sheet and supplementary data to the balance sheet, as well as data on the profit and loss account, including data on individual categories of income and expenses, as well as additional data concerning, among others, liquidity norms, interest rate risk and foreign currency position.
Own funds and own funds requirements - this package includes information on capital adequacy, group solvency, credit risk, market risk and operational risk.
Reporting for monetary statistics - this package includes balance sheets, dealer statistics, securitization, structural statistics, interest rates and adjustments.
Database of payment statistics - the package contains information on the functioning of the Polish payment system. Settlement agents and publishers of payment instruments and electronic money are obliged to transfer this package.
Significant exposure of banks - this package includes data on the bank's significant exposure to customers.
Large exposures - this package contains information about large exposures to individual clients or groups of connected clients.
Leverage ratio - this package contains information on balance sheet and off-balance sheet exposure, capital and leverage ratio (LRCalc).
IP Losses
Losses due to credits secured by real estate - this package contains information on exposures due to credits secured by real estate and losses from these exposures.
Liquidity - this package contains information on assets, liabilities and swap hedging transactions for the purpose of monitoring the liquidity coverage requirement.
Stable financing - this package contains information on items ensuring stable funding and items requiring stable funding.
Asset encumbrance - this package contains information on all forms of asset encumbrance.
Financing plans - this package contains information on financing plans and liquidity ratios (six-month, annual, one-year, two-year and three-year forecasts).
Additional liquidity monitoring metrics - this package contains information on the concentration of financing by the contractor and the type of product, prices paid by the institutions for various financing periods, financing prolongation and concentration of liquidity balancing capacity.

VSoft Mandatory Reporting

A solution to optimize the process of mandatory reporting

We offer a solution that allows you to prepare the correct report, generate it and handle corrections. The system supports mandatory reporting to the National Bank of Poland.

VSoft Tax Reporting

A tool for settling all types of tax returns

We offer a tool that has been designed for comprehensive handling of tax returns, which financial institutions and all types of companies are obliged to send to the Ministry of Finance

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