Loss adjusting services

Loss adjusting services

Comprehensive damage cases and claims handling is a key process for any insurance company in which clients, brokers or even insurance agents are involved. Effective liquidation of damage has an undeniable impact on the reputation of the society, and indirectly also on its financial results. Having a modern set of functional tools allows you to quickly handle the claims of a large number of customers in the highest standard. As part of the solutions we offer, we support each stage related to handling damage cases and claims - from handling documents (accepting applications, completing additional information, generating letters), through support of the decision process using various types of calculations, statements and managerial reports, to effective information exchange with insurers.

Comprehensive support for all loss adjusting services is a challenge:

The insurance companies, agents, brokers and applicants themselves participate in the processes

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Modern software designed for employees and management staff of broker's offices. It actively supports them in everyday activities and helps in the organization of work.

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