Integration with e-Court

What our solution provide

Preparing lawsuits

Sending packets of lawsuits

Monitoring court proceedings

Preparing and sending bailiff applications

Keeping records of all court cases in one place (one base)

Monitoring the effectiveness of proceedings in time or in other dimensions

Reviewing case files from the e-Court

Downloading the history of activities performed on the case

Full integration with other data provided by e-Court

Benefits of implementation

  • reducing the costs of court proceedings
  • shortening the duration of court proceedings
  • control and analysis of the effectiveness of cases conducted in the e-court
  • tracking and verification of the status of cases registered in the e-court
  • eliminating office activities necessary in traditional proceedings (handling of letters, case files, complaints, etc.)

VSoft e-Court Collection

A solution for communication with the e-Court platform

The system supports the functionalities provided by the platform and allows for mass processing of applications. The e-Court platform and the e-Court Collection system support simple matters with an unambiguous enforcement order.

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