We provide comprehensive support of insurance products in three main categories: insurances, settlements, damages

Furthermore, we specialize in developing solutions for multi-channel distribution of insurance products, including modern channels. Our portfolio includes a range of products and solutions dedicated to premium calculation, handling of damage cases and commission settlement. We develope them on our original business platform, which is based on the VSoft archITekt technological platform.

We offer solutions for all entities related to the insurance market, including:





  • Ergonomics We care about the modern graphic design of our software, which guarantees high ergonomics of the user interface. The implementation of the system is a real improvement in efficiency and in service quality.
  • Business flexibility The use of our tools ensures a quick response to market changes, including those required by law and regulation.
  • Integration Thanks to the extensive experience and specialization in system integrations, we comprehensively implement our solutions in the client's infrastructure. We make sure our tools are fitting well supported processes and procedures.

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VSoft Insurance Platform

Sales processes support and insurance risk management

The platform supports full sales process, starting from the initial calculation for the customer, selection of products, comparison of conditions and variants of offers, through sales and payments, to settlements, e.g. internal settlements (with sales network) or external settlements (with sales agencies or insurance companies). The system also supports processes related to after-sales service (annexes, renewals of policies) and  handles cases of damage.

VSoft Insurance Broker

Innovative software for brokers

VSoft Insurance Broker system (VIB) is dedicated to insurance brokers. It is a modern software designed for employees and management staff of brokerage companies, which actively supports them in their daily activities and helps in the work organizing.

Our insurance systems:

operate in 15,000 agencies

issue 7 million policies annually

handled 100,000 damages

Examples of implementations in insurance area

Examples of implementations in insurance area

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