Financial Business Meeting

The series of events for the financial sector, which we organise, is aimed at discussing modern solutions to support business and help meet customer needs more effectively. The experience shared by participants shows how many ideas there can be for using technology.

Cykl wydarzeń skierowany do branży finansowej, organizowany przez VSoft

Guests from the financial sector

Current and significant topics

Exchange of knowledge and experience

Interesting questions and discussions

Online or offline formula

We organise FBM meetings to provide professionals with the possibility of exchanging knowledge and building valuable business contacts. Our events are an excellent opportunity to discover the latest trends and solutions in finance, as well as to learn what challenges the sector will face in the near future. We always invite the most renowned experts who share their experience and practical knowledge.

We believe that our conferences are the perfect place for passionate people who want to develop and expand their horizons in finance.

Join us and start building valuable relationships in the business world!

Jakub Głąb


Zapraszamy na najbliższy Financial Business Meeting

EKO! Optymalizacja

Auditorium maximum, Krupnicza 33, Kraków

10.03.2022 | 90 min

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Financial Business Meeting IV

A new trend and approach to selling and handling financial products. Case study: BOŚ Bank and Kasa Stefczyka

14.04.2021 | 120 min | Webinar online

Financial Business Meeting III

Modelling effective debt collection strategies. Case portfolio management in the context of business needs.

17.09.2020 | 120 min | Webinar online

Financial Business Meeting II

„#HotChallenges for the lending market: Online, VAS and…” is a webinar in a group of people involved in the lending market.

17.06.2020 | 120 min | Webinar online

Financial Business Meeting I

Exchange of thoughts, experiences, practices in the area of fraud, extortion and security with an example of the application of the anti-fraud base at Kasa Stefczyka.

28.01.2020 | 180 min | Warsaw