Engines for insurance products

Engines for insurance products

Today, the competitive advantage of insurers or intermediaries involved in the distribution of their products depends to a large extent on the pace of adaptation to market changes. Constantly changing actuarial models of tariffs, fast-emerging new affinity market products or frequent changes in regulations are challenges for IT infrastructure.

We are constantly improving the tools that allow efficient modeling of products to people with business competences. No need to make changes in the system and bringing the issue of product management to the level of configuration and system parameterization results in a shorter time of implementation of  the changes. For several years, the market has been moving towards online services that provide insurance products on-line to intermediaries. Different technologies and approaches to product sharing used by insurance companies require a flexible engine to efficiently use such an online tariff in the sales system.

VSoft Insurance Platform

Sales and management of insurance risks

A solution enabling comprehensive creation of insurance products - from the data scheme through tariff models to documents and extracts. Our software is addressed to insurance agencies, insurance and assurance brokers and insurance companies.

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