VSoft BIK KI connector – time for changes

The world is evolving, and the pace of change is faster than ever. The innovative and very modern solutions that were created yesterday, today no longer surprise anyone, and many of them are considered unfashionable, sometimes even outdated. It is particularly noticeable in the world of IT solutions.

New graphic interface

Not so long ago, we boasted about creating VSoft Connector BIK KI. Today we want to present a new version of the connector. The graphic interface has been created from scratch in accordance to the current standards, trends and the latest technologies. Suggestions for changes from users were taken into account in the context of ergonomics, ease of use, business usefulness and facilitating the work of analysts with BIK reports. Now the application looks fresh, and the subdued and very discreet colours give it elegance.

Figure 1. The new version of VSoft BIK KI Connector

Advanced search

With ubiquitous customer data circulating in systems and data warehouses, the speed of finding and accessing relevant data is crucial today. The application uses advanced search filters that allow you to find relevant data using multi-layered search criteria.

Figure 2. Advanced search filters


Working with a report is now much more pleasant and faster. Thanks to grouping the data into appropriate business blocks and creating an additional report menu, the option to quickly navigate to interesting sections of data has been added.

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Visualization in the form of tables

Many of the key data – from the point of view of the analyst working with the report – have been grouped and visualized in a tabular form.

The use of tabular views significantly facilitates and speeds up the work with the report. All key and related data are presented in one place, and thanks to grouping, the analyser can verify the data in a natural way, and based on it, conclude the credibility and financial capacity of the client.

Information about the status and balances of the client’s account is grouped and visualized in the form of a readable table, where individual financial periods correspond to given single lines.

The functionality of sending new requests for the BIK report has also been rebuilt. Now the user of the web interface, when submitting the query, will goes through the steps of entering data. On each of them, the system verifies the correctness and completeness of the data provided.

Dominik Majka

Currently, an R&D analyst at VSoft S.A. Dominik has been associated with the company for over 15 years. In his professional life, he has occupied various positions with various duties and competences, from a programmer through a developers group leader to a business analyst.

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