New design and many long-awaited changes in VSoft Mobile Workforce new version

In the new version of VSoft Mobile Workforce we have introduced changes long-awaited by the users. From now on you can use a solution adapted in terms of User Experience and richer with many new, advanced features. The application has been added to the App Store, which means that Mobile Workforce is currently available on 96% of mobile devices *.

User Experience

A new layout has been designed – a sequence of the emerged need not only to enhance the aesthetics but also the visibility and ease of use certain interface elements. Thanks to many usability tests conducted jointly with UX specialists and application designers and by analyzing various product usage scenarios, we have been able to significantly improve the User Experience of both modules — the administrator panel and the mobile application.

Rules of assigning an employee to a task

Another important improvement in the new VMW release are the rules of assigning an employee to a task. The mechanism allows for automatic assignment of orders according to such parameters as the area, distance from the place of task performance, employee occupancy, or their skills. The main benefits of such a systematic approach to field workers management are significant time savings, lower business costs and the ability to serve more customers.

The main advantages of using the introduced rules:

  • efficient management of large field-based teams,
  • the automated process of assigning tasks to employees according to current needs,
  • schedules and working time optimization,
  • higher service quality through better matching of tasks to employee qualifications,
  • the ability to track tasks in real-time and rapidly respond to changes,
  • flexible configuration of rules,
  • reduced operating costs and time to reach customers,
  • minimized unused resources,
  • increased work efficiency.

More changes in the new version

What’s more in the new version of VSoft Mobile Workforce?

  • the extended module of cash payments that enables generating a report on accepted payments,
  • advanced options of tasks and lists filtering in the mobile application and web panel,
  • the ability to modify the content of all system emails,
  • lots of technical improvements.


Details of the new version and DEMO are available at:

* share of Android iOS operating systems on the mobile devices market in Q3 2019 according to mobirank.

Angelika Korbiel

Angela specializes in B2B marketing and graphic design of marketing materials and websites. She completed postgraduate studies in the User Experience, which also helps her to create engaging and useful content for the users. Privately, she is interested in history, which was heavily influenced by Ken Follett’s books.

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