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On May 23, 2024, the sixth edition of the Financial Business Meeting (FBM) took place at the Baczewski restaurant in Warsaw. The main topic of the meeting was „The use of low-code technology in the financial industry”.

The series is organized by our company and it aims to exchange knowledge and experience in implementing new technological solutions in the financial industry. The 6th edition of the meeting was hosted by: Renata Lipczyńska, Jakub Głąb, Michał Jurkowski and Jakub Rabong.

The event gathered specialists from the financial industry who, in an intimate group, had the opportunity to discuss the current state of low-code technology in Poland, the benefits of its implementation, the challenges related to its implementation and the future of this technology in finance.

The meeting began with a discussion of the current use of low-code technology in the Polish financial sector. The presenters presented specific examples of solutions and projects based on this technology. Data on the number of available low-code/no-code platforms was also presented – over 400! – and reflections on their diversity and applications.

Among the advantages of using technology, attention was paid to efficiency, speed of solution delivery and saving time and resources. Participants exchanged experiences regarding prototyping solutions and practical examples of using low-code in everyday work.

The second stage of the meeting was a debate. During the debate, projects in which low-code technology works best were compared with those in which it is better to use traditional, dedicated solutions. Participants shared perspectives from different teams – analysts, IT and business teams – on technology selection. The impact of low code on employment and cooperation between IT departments and businesses was also discussed.

The next point of the FBM was to discuss the challenges analysts face when creating concepts. The presenters from VSoft SA shared their knowledge on how to build a low-code team, e.g. in a bank. The meeting guests shared their experiences, pointing out the need for proper planning and management of the implementation process. Everyone agreed that teams working on low-code projects should be multidisciplinary, and appropriate tools can significantly improve communication between business and IT departments.

We would like to thank all participants for participating in the event and willingly sharing their knowledge and observations about low-code technology. Without a doubt, this was not the last meeting devoted to this issue. We hope to see you soon at the next edition of the Financial Business Meeting.