Conversations on technology-related topics are our everyday life. They usually take place while working on a project or over a cup of coffee, but not only. We also feature in podcasts, which gives us great delight and satisfaction. What we appreciate in this form of communication is its mobility, authenticity and positive emotions.
Rozmowy na tematy związane z technologiami to nasza codzienność

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Workflow system in banking. Conversation about advantages and possibilities

Podcasts Sfintechowani | July 2023 | 22 min

In the latest podcast with our participation, we talk about the workflow system and its application in the banking sector. The system affects both banks and customers, enabling e.g. authorization processes, checking balances or handling transactions. As a result, the end customer can use various solutions in just a few seconds.

We invite you to listen to the conversation between Rafał Tomaszewski, editor-in-chief of Fintek.pl, with Jakub Rabong, director of banking development at VSoft and Przemysław Serba, sales director of VSoft.

Plenty of statements... How to automate reporting in financial institutions?

Digital Lending Talks | November 2021 | 18 min

Tax reporting is a topic that raises numerous emotions and poses a plethora of problems for most businesses. On the other hand, it is a field that is quite often overlooked in technological development, being sometimes the weak link even in highly digitalised companies.

We encourage you to listen to a compelling conversation between Grzegorz Sroka, business analyst at VSoft and Łukasz Piechowiak, editor-in-chief of Fintek.pl

Digitisation of fieldwork, or how to make life easier for agents?

Digital Lending Talks | November 2021 | 19 min

How much has the way field workers operate changed over the last decade? How long did a site visit, route planning and administrative tasks alone take in the past? What about data security?

Dawid Gębala, Product Owner at VSoft, answered these and other interesting questions in the Digital Lending Talks podcast.

How to automate the process of handling court cases?

Digital Lending Talks | October 2021 | 16 min

Automating court case management is possible! The digitisation of the judiciary opens up the possibility of implementing IT solutions in financial institutions, that will relieve employees of routine activities related to handling cases. One of the examples is the use of the Information Portal for Polish Common Courts for e-delivery.

Listen to the Digital Lending Talks podcast featuring Agata Zapała, business analyst at VSoft and product owner at VSoft Court Portal Connector.

Field debt collection, sales, granting credit, loans or door-to-door service - what do all these terms have in common?

Escola Mobile | April 2020 | 67 min

Field debt collection, sales, granting credit, loans or door-to-door service – what do all these terms have in common? VSoft Mobile Workforce. According to Dawid Gębala, Product Owner at VSoft, it is not only a mobile application, but an entire system that supports the work of field professionals – that is, those who execute activities directly in contact with customers, off-site.

The podcast was hosted by Jędrzej Paulus from Escola Mobile.

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