Łukasz Kawulok

Banking Area Development Director

He has been connected with the company from the beginning, for nearly 20 years. Starting as a software developer, he climbed the career path year after year to finally act as the Banking Area Development Director. He is responsible for comprehensive handling of projects carried out for banks and financial institutions. His activity focuses mainly on credit and reporting processes as well as the area of early warning of subjects about changes occurring in the business environment. He is passionate about new technologies in finance. He manages a team of experienced project managers, business solutions architects and analysts.

Grzegorz Sroka

Business Solutions Architect

In the period of 10 years in VSoft, he acted as a software developer, than a team leader and a technical leader and, currently, he is an experienced business solutions architect.
He specializes in the analysis and design of information systems mainly in the areas of reporting, real estate valuation and taxes. A graduate of such majors as computer science, business analytics, IT project management and law, economics and management in business. In the company, he is responsible for tax reporting systems, as well as reporting systems for various controlling institutions.

Remigiusz Babicz

Chief Technology Officer

More than 20 years in VSoft. Initially as a software developer, and then as a Team Manager, a Head of Department and a Head of the Solutions for Banking and Finance Division. Currently, as a Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for the implementation of a development strategy for the tools used in company projects, especially our own technology platform – VSoft archITekt.

Agata Zapała


Agata has been working for VSoft for 11 years, and for 6 years in the area of debt collection. She started her adventure with debt collection as a tester. Today, she appreciates the baggage of testing experience, which allowed her to thoroughly understand the system from the user's point of view. As a business analyst, she makes sure that the target solution meets the client's business need. She develops her knowledge mainly in the field of monitoring and debt collection, cooperating with clients of large banks on the functional and business concept of system development and building new tools.

Jakub Rabong

Business Solutions Architect

For over 16 years associated with the financial sector. He gained experience in such organizations as Eurobank, GE Money Bank, Allianz Bank, PZU and BOŚ, where he was responsible for creating, monitoring and managing processes. He was also involved in the development of EUC applications, especially in the field of credit risk assessment, sales and operational activities. For 2 years at VSoft, initially as an analyst, and currently as an architect of business solutions for the financial sector. He uses his extensive expert knowledge at every stage of designing solutions for our partners, from initial talks, through the entire sales stage, analysis, implementation and testing support, to maintenance and further development.