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VSoft’s collaboration with OPHTHA Global Foundation – to improve eye care in Kenya

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting collaboration between VSoft S.A. and the OPHTHA Global Foundation – dedicated to children’s vision. Our partnership involves providing the low-code platform archITekt to conduct a series of Ophthalmic Screening Tests in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. We have decided to support the OPHTHA Global Foundation by developing a dedicated application for registering and recording patients participating in the ophthalmic screenings. Check out the Use Case: Transformation of a Medical Facility in Kenya Using the VSoft archITekt Low-Code Platform.

The OPHTHA Global Foundation is a non-governmental organization focusing on education, prevention, and development in ophthalmology. Their program, scheduled for August and September 2024, will be crucial for the early detection and treatment of vision problems in children in Kenya.

Our collaboration began in Dubai during the GITEX Global 2023 conference. With the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the innovation of low-code technology joined forces with OPHTHA Global’s commitment, traveling across three continents to reach Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. We are now honored to contribute to improving ophthalmic care in Kenya by leveraging advanced technologies and our expertise.

This was made possible through VSoft archITekt, our proprietary low-code platform that enables the rapid creation of both simple and complex business applications using intuitive drag-and-drop visual tools. Within just a few days, we developed the necessary application to implement the ophthalmic screening program. With our support, ophthalmic facilities will be able to efficiently collect data and monitor progress in promoting screenings in Kenya. The completed application will be further developed independently by The Toolkit & Skills & Innovation, an organization established by the Kenyan government to educate young talents in niche and future-oriented professions. The application will continue to evolve independently by Toolkit, also contributing to the education of Kenyan Citizen Developers.

The collaboration with VSoft S.A. will enable the OPHTHA Global Foundation to train technicians, specialists, and primary care physicians in Kenya, allowing for more effective outreach to those in need and providing them with high-quality care. We are immensely pleased to support this noble initiative and proud to contribute to the development of Kenyan ophthalmology and the growth of young talents.

VSoft archITekt is a low-code platform that enables easy and fast software development according to your needs. The simplicity of this solution allows non-programmers to get involved and build applications of any complexity.