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No more waiting for paper letters! Attorneys can now access court case information even faster with the latest version of the VSoft Court Portal Connector (VCPC). The new functionality makes it possible to retrieve case data even if the letter assigning the case number has not yet been received by the institution.

Previously, attorneys had to wait until they received a paper letter with an assigned reference number before they could access case details in the PISP system. The new Connector functionality eliminates this problem by allowing information about the case to be retrieved at an early stage of the case.

The functionality of the connector downloads information and court letters for such cases (after the court has granted access to it to the attorney) together with information about the signature number and additional parameters of the conducted proceedings. This information allows an external mechanism to be built on the side of the system to map the assigned signature to the correct proceedings and to retrieve the registered data, e-deliveries. By the time the paper letter with the assigned court reference number arrives by post, the attorney already knows at what stage the proceedings are.

Benefits of the new functionality

  • Faster access to information: Attorneys can access information about a case early on, allowing them to take action more quickly.
  • Increased efficiency: Attorneys do not have to wait for a letter from the court to review the details of the case, which saves time and increases productivity.
  • More efficient communication: Access to information about the case at an early stage allows for better communication with clients and the court.


VSoft Court Portal Connector is a tool that is becoming increasingly indispensable for attorneys who want to handle court cases efficiently. The new function for retrieving information about cases without a reference number is another step towards streamlining the handling of court proceedings.

VSoft Court Portal Connector (VCPC) is a solution dedicated to automatically handling the communication of court case management systems with the Information Portal for Common Courts (PISP).