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AMRON Center and VSoft are celebrating the implementation of the new AMRON III System

We are happy to announce the completion of the first stage of the AMRON III project, i.e. the implementation of the new Real Estate Market Analysis and Monitoring System (System Analiz i Monitorowania Rynku Obrotu Nieruchomościami), after 15 months of intensive work.

This project results from long-term cooperation and involvement of business partners – VSoft teams and Związek Banków Polskich, operationally represented by the AMRON Center. Our main goal was to create a system that effectively supports institutions in conducting in-depth analyses and monitoring trends in the real estate market while maintaining high technological and security standards.

One of the key challenges was to design a new data structure, including a full description of property types, in line with the new Recommendation J. Together with the implementation of many validations and mechanisms to ensure high data quality, this was crucial to the success of the first stage of the project.

An additional advantage is a ready-made API, prepared for entering data and generating reports via the systems of external cooperating entities.

Undoubtedly, important elements contributing to the positive result of the project were the in-depth analysis of needs and requirements and the approach to cyclical tests of the solution in the face of very tight deadlines.

“We listened to our client’s expectations and made every effort to ensure that the testing stages were as intensive as possible. Thanks to this, we could effectively manage the project together, maintaining a high level of satisfaction with our services. We tried to be not only a contractor for the AMRON Center but above all business partners for whom success means the same as it does for us.” said Anna Kurek-Płaneta, Insurance Development Director at VSoft

The effectiveness of the system and its readiness for production launch were guaranteed by full data migration from the previous AMRON II system. This process was one of the most demanding design tasks.

As a result of intensive cooperation, performing dozens of tests, customization operations, data corrections and refining the data migration and transformation mechanism, it was possible to migrate 99% of the records, providing system users with access to a real estate database of over 4 million records.

“Rebuilding the data structure was a significant challenge. However, thanks to our experience and professionalism, we managed to successfully cope with this task, which brought excellent results. The AMRON III project is not only a success but also a confirmation of the power of true inter-company cooperation,” said Karol Kacprzak, AMRON III Project Manager at the AMRON Center.

Additionally, to increase work efficiency and increase user comfort, a new user interface was introduced, which was designed with the latest UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) standards.

“Thanks to the cooperation with VSoft, we managed to achieve the goals related to the modernization and adaptation of the AMRON System to new requirements. Their commitment, professionalism and competencies played an important role in the success of this project.” – said Agnieszka Gołębiowska-Cwenk, Director of the AMRON Center.

In turn, Łukasz Kawulok, Vice-President of the Management Board at VSoft, emphasizes, “We are proud of the successful cooperation with the AMRON Center and our contribution to the launch of the new AMRON System. We are glad that our partnership has been ongoing for many years and we can constantly develop the solution and adapt it to the needs of a changing market.”

The AMRON III project is not only a technical success, but also a proof of good cooperation, experience and professionalism. Thanks to the effort and commitment, another milestone was achieved in the long-term cooperation between the AMRON Center and VSoft. The implementation plan for the next stages of the project is planned for this year – in May, September and December.

“After implementing the new system, we can proudly point out that AMRON III is the only interbank, standardized real estate database in Poland that has such a large number of reliable, verified records with a structure consistent with the new Recommendation J. We will not stop at this in our cooperation with VSoft” – said Dr. Jacek Furga, President of the AMRON Center.

We have further versions of the functionality ahead of us, which will focus on providing users with new analytical and statistical reports.

The new version of the System is available to users from institutions that have signed an agreement with the Polish Bank Association regarding participation in the System, at: