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VSoft’s Participation at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

In retrospect of our remarkable presence at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, the world’s largest Tech & Startup Show, we are filled with gratitude and excitement for the exceptional experiences we’ve encountered. With over 200,000 attendees and a diverse assembly of innovative companies, this event has undeniably stood as a symbol of innovation and collaboration.

Our sincere thanks go to the event organizers for their outstanding efforts in orchestrating this remarkable gathering.

Our journey at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 has been a tapestry of discoveries. We delved deep into the intricacies of the ZEA market, gaining a comprehensive perspective on cooperation models, market entry strategies, and cultural nuances. The insights we’ve gathered during this event will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors in this region.

One of the highlights of our time at GITEX GLOBAL was a fruitful meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to ZEA. He shared an intriguing idea for a new venture between Poland and ZEA next year, and while we can’t disclose details at this time, we are brimming with excitement.

Furthermore, we’ve strengthened our partnership with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), paving the way for future collaborations. Our interactions with various Polish entities already active in the ZEA market have been exceptionally promising, laying a solid foundation for future joint ventures.

Our understanding of how to work with ZEA government entities and their investment potential has significantly deepened. This knowledge will undoubtedly prove invaluable in our future business activities. Moreover, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve initiated discussions with several companies from ZEA, Saudi Arabia, and India. These discussions, with the potential for future partnerships, underscore the remarkable potential of GITEX in fostering global collaboration.

As GITEX Global 2023 draws to a close, our determination to share the benefits of technology and progress with the world has grown stronger. The energy, innovation, and enthusiasm we’ve encountered here are truly unparalleled.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from this extraordinary event.

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