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Become our low-code Strategic Partner

Zostań Partnerem Strategicznym dla rozwiązania typu low-code

Open up for new business opportunities: build add-ons to existing systems, integrate different applications and build custom solutions!

You can do that with non-programmers’ engagement, thanks to the archITekt low-code platform. It simplifies and speeds up applications development by using visual techniques, ready-made components and robust integration capabilities.

Using archITekt, you can focus on expanding your business, leaving IT challenges behind. At the moment, we are looking for companies that would use the archITekt themselves and become our Strategic Partners.

If you feel the need to boost your business, archITekt can help.

Do contact us for more details:

You can learn more about the platform here:

VSoft archITekt is a low-code platform that enables easy and fast software development according to your needs. The simplicity of this solution allows non-programmers to get involved and build applications of any complexity.