Tools and technologies

VSoft archITekt

Tool proven in practice in the production of large enterprise-class projects

VSoft archITekt is a software development platform allowing for efficient production and easy management of IT systems. It contains a set of integrated graphical tools designed for business administrators and allowing them to effectively monitor and change the system. The use of visual components results in very intuitive presentation of the key elements of the system (processes, business algorithms, data processing, forms) so it is possible to modify these elements without need of programming.

VSoft Vincit Search

Rapid extraction of key knowledge for the employee

Vincit Search is a solution that allows to dynamically create any data view without need for additional IT work. The tool supports knowledge management and instantly accesses from one access point to important data and links between them. Unlike traditional information retrieval solutions, Vincit operates on a graphical knowledge base, benefiting from semantic technology - multidimensional relation and insensitivity to data structure changes. Vincit is based on world standards of knowledge reporting - RDF and OWL - and covers the process of defining of knowledge in an organization.


Automate everything

The Streamliner tool-and-maintenance platform is a set of tools for software vendors or development departments in large organizations. These tools cover the automation of a significant part of the software implementation and maintenance process, in particular such activities as: publishing additional releases of the system, creating installation and upgrade packages, implementation on the client environment, maintenance of the environment in the area of configuration, incidents, and knowledge management. The Streamliner platform is a comprehensive solution that consists of integrated components that can function independently of each other.

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