VSoft archITekt is an integrated software development platform (IDE). It was created as a result of many years of developing modules which improve the implementation of large enterprise-class projects.

The platform takes into account both the basic elements of the classic Rapid Application Development (e.g. data model, user interface module, process modeling) as well as many aspects that are challenging the implementation of large systems (e.g. group work of many people with different specializations, both on the side of the supplier and the customer, minimizing the costs of diagnostics, configuration, maintenance, tracking of complex system changes, etc.).

The result of using the IT system based on archITekt is web application for end users and a set of technical and business components allowing for full integration with the system environment, calculations, data processing, print and reports generation.

A tool proven in practice

VSoft archITekt works in practice, thanks to the fact that its modules
and the concept itself have undergone a series of transformations, improvements and revolutions over the years,
which have eliminated the limitations encountered in subsequent implementations.

Evolution of software development methods

No rules

In subsequent projects everything is re-created.


DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself rule)

Repeated activities closed in modules, libraries etc. and used in subsequent projects.


VBP (VSoft Business Platform)

Set of custom business and technical modules used in subsequent projects.


VSoft archITekt

A set of business and technical modules used in subsequent projects, openness to new technologies, close collaboration with Visual Studio.


Support for software development

Modern GUI and natural engineering support - synergy with credited technologies (HTML5, MVC) and tools (Visual Studio).

Virtually any form of integration, extensibility, technical configuration, configuration available to the business user.

Support for trouble-free group work with popular version control systems such as TFS or GIT.

Support for good practices in the daily work of software developers and testers working on the solution.

Support for classical modeling - data model, User Interface Module, business processes, permissions.

Mass data processing, decision engine, algorithm modeling, printouts and more.

archITekt – „Enterprise ready” RAD

Classic RAD tools are ideal for small IT systems, but when it comes to enterprise class systems, they rigidify possibilities of implementation by imposing a certain pattern of action, and making it more difficult to take into account the specifics of the system.

Unlike them, the archITekt platform is open to well-known technologies (MVC, HTLM5), it works closely with Visual Studio (integration, T4 generation), and strongly supports automated testing. This makes archITekt a friendly platform for developers as well as for designers and testers.

VSoft architect has a number of features and modules,
which can be used to implement enterprise-class systems


archITekt is ready to integrate with other systems in any of the currently used ways (via webservice, files, database, etc.). It also allows to schedule different kinds of data processing and data integration which are applied in large companies.


Enterprise systems typically consist of a large number of components installed on multiple servers. archITekt has a configuration module that makes it easy to manage complex and distributed system configuration and minimize the risk of confusion.


archITekt supports various levels of business configuration, so that during the analysis of the IT system, it is possible to select and divide the application control elements into a parameterization area (often changing, edited directly from the web interface during the operating system performance), and the configuration area (controlling the entire system, written mainly in the form of dictionaries and tables and being changed from the level of archITekt Studio).

Specialized modules and solutions

Apart from the classic RAD modules, a number of modules have been developed on the archITekt platform to support specialized, common system components. The parts of the systems which have been executed in this modules are business-readable. If necessary, after appropriate training, business staff can make modifications themselves, for example by making changes in algorithms or in the structure of printouts.

Decision-making and computing engine

A solution for graphical modeling of algorithms and parametric tables that control the work of the system, readily for business users.

Generating documents

A solution that allows to define templates for documents, letters and e-mails that are sent to the clients.