automating the IT world


Streamliner is a set of various tools that automate the IT world.   The mission of the designers was to implement the "automate everything" motto. Each tool takes control over selected area thanks to an unconventional approach and reviewing the status quo.   The Streamliner brand was created as a result of a project co-financed by the European Union - "Development of an innovative tool-and-maintenance platform" was implemented under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. Prototypes of tools were created as part of the research work on the platform, and were used to create products implemented for business. Depending on the client's needs, four variants of the platform are available. They can operate independently or in integration with others (the scheme of variants is presented on the illustration).

Streamliner tools

Vincit - "Quick access to key knowledge for the employee"
A tool supporting knowledge management. It reaches important data and links between them instantly from one access point. It allows you to create unique data sets. Vincit is based on world standards of knowledge reporting - RDF and OWL - and covers the process of defining of knowledge in an organization.   It works well in companies that focus on an effective work environment. Vincit allows you to take control over the structure of knowledge in the company and to find important data efficiently and precisely.
Morseit - "Just report it!"
Automates the incident management in IT systems. Facilitates reporting and automatically includes valuable technical information for the developer, such as logs, versions or DLL files It provides an increase in the quality and efficiency of the support, integrates with the current incident handling process (it does not require changing it), shortens the error handling time and provides the developer with full knowledge of the circumstances of the error.
Lineit - "All environments at hand"
It takes control over managed environments in the company (test, production, development) - accomplishes this by automatically keeping information about them in a central place. It allows for immediate operation from one place if you need to log into the environment, restart it, etc.   It provides a central place for up-to-date information about environments, applications, versions, etc. It shortens the time of access to environments and administrative tasks and provides a history of changes on environments.
Gaudit - "Install the system regardless of its complexity"
A tool for modeling installation and update packages that take into account various technologies and different complexity of implementation processes (support for multiple servers, clusters, task parallelization, validation, precise logs, etc.).   It allows for graphical modeling of complex installation and update processes and creates an installation file that allows to perform a defined process.
Magelit - "Always up-to-date configuration data"
It reduces the time of solving incidents, greatly facilitates the support of environments, increases the level of availability of managed applications and automatically creates implementation documentation.
Tool supporting configuration management. It automatically recognizes the architecture of the application and documents it in a meticulous way. By comparing two points in time, it answers the question "what has changed?". This question is often asked while handling incidents and problems. Thanks to Magelit, it is possible to obtain a reliable and valuable answer to this question.
Archimit - "Ready environment on demand"
A tool for automatically creating new environments with installed selected applications. After creating the environment, it allows placing it on the designated virtual server, so that the environment is ready to be used. The tool takes into account elements such as software configuration, preparation of test data, environmental verification and uses deduplication mechanisms to save space.   It provides automatic development of environments with selected applications. It provides ready-to-use and proven environments.
Kopernit - "One, automatic place for software"
It provides a central repository of installers and software updates. It is architectonically simple, reliable, with large possibilities of distribution of update packages. It enables integration with Continuous Delivery/Deployment processes and uses deduplication mechanisms to save space.   It provides a central repository for installation and upgrade packages. Allows you to limit disk space and provide update history.