Settlement of commissions

Settlement of commissions

Managing complex sales network structures and multidimensional commission models is the daily life of many agency and multiagency networks. . Automation of billing processes with insurance companies and own sales network means time saving, fault endurance and relieving employees from tedious work consisting in explaining and agreeing complicated billing statements in many formats. In order to effectively settle and plan insurance sales, analytical tools are needed to quickly obtain the necessary data to correct the actions. This area is a translation of sales into profits. Errors and low efficiency can have a negative impact on relationships with employees and partners.


Various distribution channels and a dense sales network on the one hand allow reaching a wide range of potential customers, but on the other hand they put many challenges that require a well-thought-out and solid solution.   A multitude of insurance companies and the various formats and types of related documents or statements require an ergonomic and comprehensive tool.   Loading and data processing or validation are time-consuming processes that need intelligent automation to enable efficient communication with all involved parties: customer, agency and insurance company.

VSoft Insurance Platform

Sales and management of insurance risks

A solution enabling comprehensive creation of insurance products - from the data scheme through tariff models to documents and extracts. Our software is addressed to insurance agencies, insurance and assurance brokers and insurance companies.

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