Prediction models

What can we offer you?


Knowledge and experience in the use of prediction models (in determining the repayment probability or recovery rate) used to automate debt collection processes and build effective strategies.


We have knowledge of building debt collection models to assess the debtor and his case. The use of scoring models allows segmentation of clients and assignment of cases. On the basis of designated range of repayment probability, our solution is able to determine a debt collection strategy for specific groups of debt collection cases.


We offer a decision-making and calculation engine to run prediction and scoring models, and to build a Champion-Challenger strategy.

What will you gain by choosing our solutions?

of debt collection processes and reduction of operating costs.

for choosing an ineffective debt collection strategy.

of debt collection issues and selection of the most effective debt collection strategy.

of strategy implementation, e.g. for self-cure clients.

VSoft Collection

Full support for debt collection processes

A system for effective handling the debt collection process, from amicable activities and monitoring, through conciliatory actions, outsourcing, to litigation and enforcement recovery, and sale of receivables. The solution provides automation and mass character of debt collection activities as well as a uniform look at the debt collection case and the debtor.

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