Decision-making and computing engine

The decision-making and computing engine is a specialized module included in the archITekt, designed for mass calculation of aggregates and - in a legible way for a business user - graphic modeling of algorithms and parametric tables controlling the operation of an IT system.

Key features

Input data created on the basis of multiple sources, starting from database tables, through files (e.g. in csv format), to network services.

All input data stored in an ordered tree structure, regardless of the form in which it will be transferred to the system.

Available decision trees in the form of a set of formulas, tables, graphically modeled algorithms, openness to the use of models based on PMML or R language, and even on a code fragment in C #.

Full control over the order of calling and converting groups of aggregates. Monitoring of the calculation process.

Data loading processes, algorithms or data strings available in the form of block diagrams easily modifiable in the graphic environment.

See what you will gain by using our solution

Clear presentation of calculations
Definitions of aggregates in an intelligible form (tables, trees), the possibility of observing a network of dependencies between data and aggregates.
Data transparency
The structure of input data designed by business designer in a way that allows to process them conveniently.
Flexibility in creating aggregates
Definitions of rules and calculations created directly in the tool or run on the basis of external definitions (PMML, R).
Selection of the method of converting aggregates
Depending on the needs: mass (data downloaded from the database) or individually (through WebService).
Periodic aggregates
Fast creation of periodic aggregates thanks to aggregate templates and use of variables.
Central repository of algorithms
Sharing of algorithms by many systems and centralization of specific algorithms in the organization.


Tariff algorithms for insurance companies

Aggregates and models used in the credit risk assessment

Strategies controlling the debt collection processes

Decision-making and computing engine is part of our proprietary platform - VSoft archITekt, designed for software development.

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