Debt collection

What we do in the field of debt collection

We provide IT solutions for the complex handling of overdue receivables. Our solutions are based on our competences and experience with many implementations in financial institutions and debt collection companies. We provide streamlining and automation of your processes in order to reduce operating costs. We have competence in developing solutions in the area of debt collection and litigation.

We provide IT support at every stage of a debt collection process

Support for communication channels such as text message, e-mail, letters, call center.

Automatic and mass tasks processing, manual action recording.

Mobile tasks and real-time reporting.

Managing portfolios by business rules in a decision-making engine.

Planning of activities based on debt collection strategies and configurable processes.

Access to complete and up-to-date customer data at all stages of debt collection.

cases managed daily in 3 countries

documents generated daily

text messages sent daily

phone calls made daily

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VSoft Collection

Software supporting debt collection process

System designed for the effective servicing of a debt collection process, starting from arbitration and monitoring, through settlement actions, outsourcing, litigation and enforcement activities, ending with sale of receivables. The solution ensures automation and mass-circulation of debt collection operations and a homogenous overview of debt collection and debtor case.

VSoft Mobile Workforce

Mobile application for field employees

A Field Service Management (FSM) tool designed to handle mobile workers’ tasks. Primarily, the application enables employees monitoring, gives access to the entire customer database along with information about status of cases. Additionally allows you to optimize tasks and routes, but that's not all.

VSoft e-Court Collection

On-line integration with e-Court

The solution provides online communication with the e-Court platform. The system automates the processes of preparation and transmission of electronic documents, such as suits, pleadings, bailiff’s letters. The solution enables continuous monitoring of the court proceedings in the EPU mode without logging in to the e-Court platform.

Decision-making and computing engine

Calculation rules and models

The engine is used to create decision rules and calculation models. It allows you to prepare complex computational algorithms such as commissions and fees without the need for technical expertise. The solution supports efficient debt recovery through automatic decision-making (probability models for repayment, recovery etc.).

Debt collection implementations

Our solutions for debt collection have been successfully verified by the largest institutions in Poland

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