Algorithm modelling

A solution that allows you to create and test, in a fully graphical way, particular calculation steps of complex business algorithms.

Key features

Algorithms available in the form of easily modifiable graphical block diagrams.

Extensive configuration tables (e.g. scoring tables or tariff tables), which can be downloaded during the execution of the algorithm.

Tracking the values calculated in individual steps of the algorithm in response to input data.

Creating a set of tests verifying the correctness of the algorithms in defined business cases.

The ability to provide calculation models and calculation results for other applications.

See what you will gain by using our solution

An intuitive designing
Creating functional algorithms without the need of specialized programming knowledge.
Minimizing the risk of errors
Easy to check the entire algorithm step by step before its implementation.
Confidence of correct functioning after changes
Ability to quick and comprehensive verification of the algorithm operation thanks to mass tests.
Central repository of algorithms
Sharing of algorithms by many systems and centralization of specific algorithms in the organization.
Logic modifications transparent for other applications
The ability to perform modifications in the calculation logic without the need to introduce additional changes to the applications that use the solution.
High efficiency of calculations
Thousands of calculations per second, even for complex algorithms.


Credit risk assessment

Tariff algorithms for insurance companies

Strategies controlling the debt collection processes

The algorithm modelling module is part of our proprietary platform - VSoft archITekt, designed for software development.

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