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What's new in the latest edition of VSoft Mobile Workforce? The key aspects mentioned by our clients recently were related to, among others, determining the location of employees and creating dedicated reports on request by us as a producer. As always, we wanted to respond to these needs in the first place. What exactly is behind these improvements?

The changes in the new version mainly include:

  1. Increasing the precision of determining the location of mobile workers on maps and reducing the phenomenon of "GPS bouncing". We have also added the option to create task types and reports with the required GPS position.
  2. Possibility to build reports in the form of external plug-ins for the application. This is especially important for those companies that have specific needs when it comes to collecting and analyzing data available in VSoft Mobile Workforce. We create a dedicated plugin on request, taking into account the specific requirements of the customer.
  3. Increased data security by detecting "root" on Android devices, as well as managing the length of user sessions and automatic logging out of the application after the session expires.

In addition, we have included a lot of smaller modifications that affect the comfort of using the tool. They concern, among others Administrative Panel, in which we improved the "Users map" view and added a preview of invitations to use the system.

For owners of the latest iOS / Android devices, it is worth mentioning that the application has also been adapted in this regard.

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The VSoft Mobile Workforce solution is dedicated to manage a team of field employees as well as to handle visits ordered. The mobile application facilitates tasks completing, route optimization, communication with the client and work results reporting.

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