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Nowadays, digital transformation is not a matter of question but a clear direction to follow. This applies to almost every industry and business scale but is often still quite a challenge. We are excited to be the partner of Uniglobal 3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Microfinance Forum and attend many interesting discussions on how well MFIs adopt change during pandemics. Is it all about technological innovation?

Along with various aspects of running the lending business, there are many different areas that give a chance to grow. It is worth mentioning just a few:

  • Searching for new touchpoints with clients
  • Reaching out to wider audiences
  • Making quicker decisions
  • Better risk management
  • Empowering cashless transactions
  • Improving collection processes

The customer-centric approach leads MFIs to a win-win situation. Taking into account the diversity of the customer groups there is still a need to go offline at some points. Today Yevheniia Zakharova, International Business Development Officer, hold a presentation on “How use of technology reinforces customer centricity in services provided by mobile workforce”. With the right tools working hybrid can be an optimal model for MFIs to run a business effectively.